October 19, 2021

What to Do, for Whom, What to Say?

Want to know...

- what services to offer, for whom?
- what to talk about in your marketing?
- the best way to say it?

You can stop racking your brain about it.

Because if you're willing to listen to it, the market is ready to tell you.

In her latest "Office Hours" session, Ilise Benun covered what it really means "to listen to the market, and exactly how to do it."

This replay is 100% free to watch. Get a taste of what's happening inside the Simplest Marketing Plan group coaching sessions:

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Click to Watch: "Listening to the Market"

Mentioned resources:

Some soundbites from the session:

"Do you have to love your niche?"

"I think creating friction and discomfort is a good idea."

"Self-promotion is not about pitching your ideas or yourself to anyone."

"How to turn rejection into a gem."

Did any of the creative professionals in the video pique your interest?

Check out their LinkedIn profiles:

  • Chris Haviland - Scientist & white paper writer supporting biotechnology & other science-based companies
  • Lindy Bostrom - Branding • Design • Marketing for Health & Wellness
  • Steve Horn - Builds custom WordPress websites for Visual Designers and Creative Professionals who hate doing websites.
  • Conrad Winter - Content and copy writer for transportation & logistics
  • Danielle Hughes - Chief Personality Officer | Branding and Copywriting Goddess
  • Deidre Rienzo - Copywriting partner to web designers, service providers and personality-rich brands.
  • Holly Morris - Travel & Tourism Copywriter, Specializing in Short-Term Vacation Rental
  • Valerie Jackson-Manuel - Powerful Marketing Content Writer | Sales Enablement | SEO

And last but not least, Steven McIntosh, who attended his first Office Hours. He is a copywriter who is "Talking tech so even non-techies get it."