July 10, 2014

Great Business Blogs for Freelance Creatives

Great Business Blogs for Freelance CreativesOn Flaunt My Design I focus on marketing tips, hacks and tools for freelance graphic designers, illustrators and web designers. Simply put, I want to help you to find new design clients. However, I often stumble upon other great business sites for creative freelancers, not just for marketing.

Today I share 4 of my favorite “competitors,” or rather “compatibles.”

Check them out!

4 Great Business Sites for Creative Freelancers

Freelancers Union

Freelancer's union: Lately I've been amazed of the width and quality of the blog posts published. Sara Horowitz heads Freelancers Union. Sara is also the author of The Freelancer's Bible.

Business Unleashed

Business Unleashed (former Freelance Unleashed): Chris Green is helping creatives, consultants and coaches to run profitable businesses. I have especially enjoyed some of Chris' podcasts and his freelancer interviews.

Red Lemon Club

Red Lemon Club: Alex Mathers is an illustrator dedicated to help his creative fellows to grow their businesses in a long-term, organic and non-sleazy way.

Marketing Mentor

Marketing Mentor I like Ilise's no-nonsense, down-to-earth marketing approach. Ilise Benun is a marketing coach helping creative solopreneurs, consultants and owners of small creative firms.

What's your favorite business or marketing blog for creative freelancers? Please comment!