"How to Find Your Focus" video, courtesy of Ilise Benun, marketing coach for creative professionals, and author of the Pick a Niche Kit.

We Understand Your Customer Focus

You know EVERYTHING about your client's clients.

This is an end-user driven variation of the umbrella focus. The common denominator, in this case, is not the client but the client’s customer, such as women, baby boomers or enthusiasts.

You might be part of your client's target group. Perhaps you have a strong personal interest, a hobby or a complementary expertise that gives you unique insights into your client's target group.

Business Example

Saltworks Inc.: Design Agency

We Understand Your Customer Focus - Business Example - Saltworks

The homepage message of Saltworks Inc. serves to both educate prospects and demonstrate this firm’s understanding of the client’s customer.

With the idea of “enthusiast branding,” they draw parallels among industries that wouldn’t otherwise see them, providing a larger pool of prospects for themselves.

How Saltworks Positions Their Agency

Market positioning refers to the manner in which you present and market yourself to potential clients. 

You create a positioning statement as inspiration for persuasive language in all your marketing. The positioning statement is the DNA of your brand. It's invisible but controls how you appear to the world.

When you're consistent in your messaging, it makes it possible for your potential clients to perceive the qualities (or identity) of your brand or services correctly.

Paul Caldera, co-founder of Saltworks, could have written a positioning statement sounding something like this (write your own statement using this template):

My name is

Paul Caldera

I am the




Our firm provides

brand positioning consulting, identity design, and online and offline marketing collateral


brands that want to find, engage, and mobilize their enthusiast customers

which allows them to

drive sustainable growth by increased customer acquisition and lifetime value.


other branding and design agencies


ground all our work in an independent understanding of the our client's target market.


have partnered with purveyors of luxury goods, outdoor adventures, high-performance gear and exclusive experiences since 2002. For example, The North Face, Cessna Aircraft, and Parker Guitars.

We are

analytical, strategic, solution-oriented.

Some examples of how Saltwork's positioning materializes in their web copy:

Enthusiast Branding & Experience (tagline)

"Meet Your Enthusiasts" (hero image)

"Brand enthusiasts aren’t just customers. They’re discerning buyers who feel compelled to express their values, look for substance, and do their homework on purchases and relationships. And once they find brands they love, they become loyalists—and ambassadors. Saltworks is a branding and experience design firm where enthusiast brands find their following."

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Resources for Finding Your Own Niche(s)

The Pick a Niche Kit

The Pick a Niche Kit

The Pick a Niche Kit ($10 off when you use this link) shows you 4 simple steps to zero in on your target markets and specialize your way to more and better clients.

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