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Web Designers / Developers Specializing in Vegan Businesses

Check out these excellent examples of ​vegan web design agencies / freelancers!

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Web Designers / Developers Specializing in Vegan Businesses

Check out these excellent examples of ​vegan web design agencies / freelancers!

Click on the plus sign for more information about the specific company.

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Area of Focusexamples_cvht_tagsType of FocusBusiness ExampleNiche ExperienceInterviewAboutTop Web Design / Development DeliverablesTech ProfileProportion Web Design / Development VS. Other ServicesTop Additional DeliverablesTypical Type of ClientsTypical Client SizeShowcase Client(s)Primary Pricing ModelAvg. Project BudgetMin. Project BudgetAvg. Hourly RateSubscription FeeAvg. Project DurationCompany SizePrimary SocialProject Inquiriesexamples_directory_urls
Vegan Businesses & Sustainable Businesses
c_veganbusinesses c_eco-friendly
Issue-Driven Focus
"To Plant a Seed Is to Believe In Tomorrow"

Founded by Lucy Johnson
United Kingdom
26 completed projects.

Working with this focus since 2016.

100% of Clientele
50% of Revenue
I discovered my passion for Web Design after launching my first vegan website back in 2016.

Since then I have been creating bespoke websites for vegan businesses as well as launching my vegan digital marketing agency, SHiDO, where we provide Web Design, SEO & Google Ads services to ethical brands.

Interested in working together? Well, here's how:

🌿 hire SHiDO to build your vegan brand a bespoke website, whether its e-commerce, service-based, editorial, an online course platform, or in need of reservation capabilities, we cover it all.
🌿 buy one of our pre-built websites direct from our website. These are made by our vegan team and are ready-to-go.
1. Custom built vegan websites
2. Search Engine Optimisation
3. Email Marketing
1. WordPress

eCommerce Platform
1. WooCommerce

50% web design / development
50% other
1. Google Ads
2. Vegan Branding
1. Vegan food & drink companies
2. Vegan restaurants and cafes
3. Vegan services
Micro (<10 employees)•  Planty
•  The Vegan Review
•  All Y'alls Foods
Per project$3,000$2,0001 to 3 months1 - 4 employeesEmail
Squarespace Websites for Plant-Based/Vegan Entrepreneurs
c_veganbusinesses c_eco-friendly c_foodandbeverages t_squarespace
Issue-Driven Focus
Danae Bloisë
"Web Design for Plant-Based Businesses"

Founded in 2017 by Danae Bloise
Kailua, HI
United States
Squarespace web designer for plant-based/vegan entrepreneurs. I love to work with vegan food vendors and caterers, vegan pop-up restaurants and cafes, as well as vegan chefs and meal preppers, vegan health coaches and nutritionists, cruelty-free makeup brands, and clothing brands, ethical and conscious businesses. I help small businesses book clients and increase sales by leveraging copywriting and SEO strategies.Self-employed (full-time)Email
Vegan Businesses
c_veganbusinesses c_eco-friendly
Issue-Driven Focus
Rich Emmerson
"Let's Make an Awesome Vegan Website!"

Founded in 2019 by Rich Emmerson
United Kingdom
I help vegan business owners create a high-quality website, that saves them time and makes them money, by attracting more customers.

I also run my own vegan self-development business, Vegan Mastery.
Self-employed (full-time)Email
Vegan Businesses
c_veganbusinesses c_foodandbeverages
Issue-Driven Focus
The Vegan Web Designer
"Compassionate, Cruelty Free, Vegan, Web Design"

Founded in 2017 by Luke Dowding
United Kingdom
Feel safe in the knowledge that all work on your project was done by someone who truly loves animals, as an ethical vegan It's important to let my customers know that we share the same ideals, values and compassion for all.Self-employed (part-time)Email
Vegan Businesses
c_veganbusinesses c_foodandbeverages
Horizontal and Vertical Combo Focus
Vegan Web Design
"We Help Growth Driven Plant Based Businesses Create More Profit With Digital Strategy & Marketing"

Founded in 2012 by Siân Graham, David Graham
We work with leading vegan professionals who want awesome results from their website. We are committed to supporting ethical organisations worldwide with affordable website solutions. All our team are Vegan so you can be assured you're dealing with like minded people who share your vision.Self-employed (full-time)Email
Vegan Businesses & Ethical Businesses
c_veganbusinesses c_eco-friendly
Issue-Driven Focus
V-GON Creative
"Do Good, Look Great - Branding & Web Design for Businesses That Make the World a Fairer Place"

Founded in 2018 by Luke Jackson
United Kingdom
V-GON Creative is a plant-powered design collaborative that specialises in helping other vegan & ethical companies stand out.

We focus on branding & web design but we can also provide a wide range of plant-based business services.
Self-employed (part-time)Email
+44 (0)7712617285

About Vegan Businesses

Vegan Businesses and Web DesignMore consumers than ever want to eat more plant-based foods. While vegans and vegetarians drove product development at first, focus is now on omnivores & flexitarians.

Vegan food consists of various products that are derived or processed from plant-based sources.

They are produced using vegetarian ingredients, such as almonds, soy, oats, wheat, tofu, rice, and coconuts, and lack animal-derived products, including milk, eggs, honey and gelatin.

Vegan foods:

- Plant-based meat, poultry and seafood alternatives
- Dairy alternatives
- Other (tofu, tempeh, vegan supplements, etc.)

Currently, meat substitutes represent the most popular type of vegan food. Most vegan food is distributed through supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Market Outlook:

Trade Associations

Can you reach buyers in the industry?

- Look for industry-specific organizations to join and events to attend (online and offline.)

- Are there ready-made lists of decision makers?

No. of Companies

Targeting a viable market is your single most important decision.

- Is the market big enough?

- At what rate do new companies enter the industry? 

Mushroom production
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
237 (2020)+17%+6%+3%

Other aquaculture
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
159 (2020)+23%+24%+10%

Poultry processing
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
746 (2020)+8%+4%

Seafood product preparation and packaging
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
812 (2020)-1%-1%

Meat and meat product merchant wholesalers
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
2,972 (2020)+22%+18%+0%

Supermarkets and other grocery stores
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
57,465 (2020)-5%-4%-1%

Meat markets
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
6,063 (2020)-2%+2%+1%
Data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (numbers does not include unincorporated self-employed people), 2010–2020
* no data available

No. of Key People

Will you be able to promote yourself? Your outreach activities will run smoother if you can talk to people who already know your type of services.

- Are there people who already buy web design / web development services?

- Does the industry value your type of services? For example, it can be a good sign if they employ many web designers.

Animal Slaughtering and Processing
Industry Group

Job PositionNo.
Chief Executives160
Computer and Information Systems Managers120
Marketing Managers180

Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging
Industry Group

Job PositionNo.
Computer and Information Systems Managers30
Marketing Managers

Data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics, 2020
* no data available

Vegan Businesses and Web Design