January 9, 2015

Twitter: 17 Pre-Built Prospect Lists for Freelance Creatives

Build a Killer Prospect List in No-Time!

Prospect Lists for Freelance Creatives

The first thing to do when prospecting is to look for people you want to connect with. It means actually building lists of prospects, and such research easily consumes a lot of time. I've done that for you.

The best thing you can find while researching are ready-made lists of people in your target group including some contact information.

That's precisely what my Twitter lists are. Pre-qualified lists of people who you can reach with the touch of a button.

Pre-Built Prospect Lists for Freelance Creatives! Connect with interesting prospects with the touch of a Twitter button. Click to access all Flaunt My Design lists!

Screen my Twitter lists and follow the individuals who interest you, but don't stop there! This is the beginning.

The key to permanently capture your desired prospects' attention is to repeat yourself. Touch base often.

Connect via other social media. Email, call or even visit them. Share valuable content. First you teach the prospect to know, like and trust you. Then, when opportunity knocks… You take action, the selling begins.

But step one is to build your own killer prospect list. The following lists give you a head-start! Plus, I add new people to the lists almost daily.

17 Prospect Lists for Freelance Creatives

On my lists you will find people freelance creatives typically are on the lookout for. Depending on why you do prospecting the listed people can become your:

  • new clients
  • referral sources
  • business partners
  • suppliers
  • creative partners, peers or mentors

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Recommended Prospect Lists

Who doesn't look for more repeat business? If yes, I recommend you to connect with people from these six lists:

These three type of clients are excellent referral sources. They handle projects suitable for freelance creatives all the time. For now, the above lists also have the most prospects on them.

PS. Newsletter subscribers have access to an even more thoroughly pre-qualified list of the above client types sorted by countries here.

More Prospect Lists for Freelance Creatives

A Word of Caution

Following or unfollowing a lot of people on Twitter in a short amount of time may be deemed as spam. If deemed so, it can cause Twitter to temporary or permanent suspend your account.

Read more in The Twitter Rules and here.

Keep your Twitter account on the safe side! Follow max 50 people a day.

You can expect 10-20% to follow you back.


Happy prospecting! Also, try out Click & Find Design & Photography Prospects on Twitter!