Toplist: The Most Popular Freelance Illustrators on Twitter

These popular freelance illustrators each have more than 10,000 followers on Twitter, some are less famous than others. Click the portfolio link to check out their art, or click their name to visit their Twitter account.

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NameFromFocusOn Twitter
Nr of
Pete HarrisonUKdigital artwork2011560918portfolio
Alex MathersUKdigital vector maps and landscapes200990506portfolio
Jessica HischeUSAlettering200987747portfolio
Ted GoffUSAbusiness cartoons201183290portfolio
Sonya ParraUK201232316portfolio
Noelle StevensonUSAcartoons, comics201129855portfolio
Debbie Ridpath OhiCanadachildren's books, quirky and cute-odd200829182portfolio
Christoph NiemannGermany/
editorial illustrations, cover art201026991portfolio
Mr BingoUK200926730portfolio
Gemma CorrellUKcartoons, comics200825441portfolio
Aidana WillowRavenUSA200824154portfolio
Alex MathersUKdigital vector maps and landscapes200921510portfolio
Sara E. MayhewUSAmanga200820750portfolio
Cliff ChiangUSAcartoons, comics200919527portfolio
Joshua M. SmithUSAapparel, typography200815242portfolio
Pete PachoumisUSAcartoons, comics201114132portfolio
Horton NovakAustraliabook covers201013927portfolio
Sam SprattUSAillustrations in the style of classical oil-painting201013649portfolio
Meg HuntUSAcharming, colorful character-based illustrations, lettering & patterns200812642portfolio
Tad CarpenterUSA200912025portfolio
Dave RapozaUSAconcept art200911146portfolio
Mikey BurtonUSA200910295portfolio

Each person on the “Popular Freelance Illustrators” list:

  • is a freelancer, that is, accepts commissions directly from clients
  • his or her professional focus is illustration
  • is a solopreneur
  • tweets in his/her own name
  • tweets primarily as a creative professional /business person
  • tweets in English
  • has at least 10 000 followers