The Most Popular Freelance Web & Graphic Designers on Twitter

These popular freelance web & graphic designers each have more than 10,000 followers on Twitter. Click the portfolio link to check out their design work, or click their name to visit their Twitter account.

More social media goodies:

Jacob CassUSAgraphic designer: logos, brand identity200870184portfolio
Ethan MarcotteUSAweb designer200664491portfolio
Andrew KelsallUKgraphic designer: logos, CD sleeves, posters, large format graphics200861156portfolio
Joe DawsonUKweb designer200949416portfolio
Graham SmithUKgraphic designer: logos, brand identity200746163portfolio
David AireyUKgraphic designer: brand identity200846002portfolio
Jan MarshallUKgraphic designer: book covers200939544portfolio
IcyyUSAgraphic designer: graphics for musicians, clubs200937161portfolio
Andrew KeirAustraliagraphic designer: logos, brand identity200934867portfolio
Stuart CrawfordUKgraphic designer: logos, brand identity201127007portfolio
Craig WardUSAgraphic designer: typographic works200925840portfolio
Meagan Fisher USAweb designer200724039portfolio
Brian McDanielUSAweb designer: WordPress, social media200920170portfolio
Grace SmithUKweb designer200720123portfolio
Bono CalacalPhilippinesweb designer200917132portfolio
Sacha GreifJapanweb designer: apps200816540portfolio
Mike KusUKweb & graphic designer200816314portfolio
Franz JeitzUKgraphic designer200814741portfolio
Bear FilesUSAgraphic designer: marketing200813801portfolio
Maurice CifuentesAustraliaweb & graphic designer: marketing201012999portfolio
Matt CannonUSAweb & graphic designer200812083portfolio
Mirko HumbertSwitzerland/Chinaweb & graphic designer200712074portfolio
Tad CarpenterUSAgraphic designer200912025portfolio
Janine PringPhilippinesgraphic designer200811549portfolio
Kelly BeallUSAgraphic designer200911490portfolio
Amy LocurtoUSAgraphic designer: party graphics200811175portfolio
Paul JarvisCanadaweb designer201011032portfolio
Kris SowersbyNew Zealandgraphic designer: typography201010796portfolio
Mikey BurtonUSAgraphic designer200910295portfolio
Karen KavettUSAgraphic designer: nerd and online culture200810258portfolio

Each person on this “Popular Web & Graphic Designers” list:

  • is a freelancer, that is, accepts commissions directly from clients
  • his or her professional focus is graphic design and/or web design
  • is a solopreneur
  • tweets in his/her own name
  • tweets primarily as a creative professional/business person
  • tweets in English
  • has at least 10 000 followers

Last updated: November 25, 2014