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A lot of creatives tend to work individually, and a lot of them work from their homes, so they all recognize the importance of getting out there and network - if for no other reason than the social aspect. 

But to really be successful you've to think about who's in your network and who do you need in your network. Where will I go to meet the kind of people I NEED to meet? You need four different types of people in your network: Clients, peers, mentors, and referral sources.

Ilise Benun - Marketing-Mentor

Ilise Benun - Marketing Mentor

Ilise was the guidance I was always looking for 

When I started freelancing in 2010 I was lost. I knew I wanted the independence of working for myself, and the strong connections with clients, but I didn't know how to get there. ... Ilise taught me the art of outreach—staying in touch with current clients, and reaching out to prospective clients. This was perfect for me and manageable for me: I could handle the outreach while growing a baby. 

Maria Guerriero - Designer

Germinate Creative

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