October 22, 2021

Spotnik: Vegan Web Design

This blog series, "Spotnik," looks for and brings growth opportunities to your attention.

That your clients' own market grows is the most important factor when choosing a niche. If their market is shrinking, there probably won't be enough business for you either, so...

Does "Vegan" grow?

Yes, because vegan is going mainstream (dah! ;)

More consumers than ever before want to eat more plant-based foods. While vegans and vegetarians drove this development at first, focus is now on omnivores & flexitarians.

Vegan food producers are launching a variety of premium-quality vegan food items in many flavors and attractive packaging to attract a wider consumer base. Also, many mainstream chain restaurants is launching plant-based menu items.

Forecasts suggest the global plant-based food market will grow at a rate of just over 10% per year over the next five years.

Nascent segments that are still relatively new to consumers will grow faster. Examples of such up-and-coming segments are:

- plant-based fish, e.g., Toonish
- vegan chicken nuggets

While vegan foods make up the biggest segment - in particular, meat-substitutes sold through supermarkets - there is no shortage of other types of vegan businesses. For example, vegan prepaid virtual cards (Vegannection), vegan apparel, or even vegan insurance (VAPI.)

What Drives the Demand for Vegan Products?

More consumers than ever before want to eat more plant-based foods because of:

  • health issues
  • growing concerns towards cruelty against animals for producing food items
  • environmental concerns
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What Services are Vegan Clients Buying?

I looked through the portfolios of my listed vegan designers.

The top 3 categories of clients they built websites for were:

  1. 1
    Vegan nonprofits (4)
  2. 2
    Vegan cafes/juice bars (2)
  3. 3
    Other vegan businesses: plant-based health coach, vegan podcast, vegan business wear for men

Besides the actual websites, the website projects often contained complementary services such as brand identities, marketing collateral, and social media templates/artwork - brand identities being the most common complementary service.

Independent of their website projects, the listed web designers have also provided other services, e.g. copywriting or packaging design, for:

- a vegan donut company

- a vegan subscription box service

- a vegan bakery

- a vegan race car driver

- a vegan skincare company

- a vegan online job board

- vegan festivals

Examples of Vegan Web Designers

Click the screenshots to visit the respective companies. Click here for more examples.

Vegan Web Designer: Danaë Bloise
Vegan Web Designer: V-GON Creative
Vegan Web Design

Go Deeper!

To get to know the industry, vegan trade associations are a good start!

For more forecasts for the vegan industry, click here for a ready-made Google search.