October 26, 2021

Spotnik: Mental Health Practitioners

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That your clients' own market grows is the most important factor when choosing a niche. If their market is shrinking, there probably won't be enough business for you either, so...

Does "Mental Health" Grow?

Yes. Mental health practitioners are seeing a higher demand for their services. Industry revenue is booming and funding is pouring in.

Forecasts suggest the U.S. behavioral health market will grow at a rate of just under 4% per year over the next five years.

New companies are entering the industry: Between 2017 and 2020, the number of establishments increased by 31% (+ 5,662 businesses.) In 2020, there were 23,781 offices of mental health practitioners in the U.S.

The above numbers don't include self-employed mental health professionals, which adds a significant chunk of potential clients. For example, nearly half of U.S. psychologists (44.8 percent) work in private practice.

In addition, there are 11,699 offices of mental health physicians (MDs,) 12,825 outpatient mental health centers, and thousands of substance abuse hospitals/residential care businesses. All these operations have grown at a similar rate.

What Drives the Demand for Mental Health Services?

  • Mental health issues are increasing
  • Less stigma = More people are seeking help
  • Increased access to care through employers and insurance companies
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Examples of Web Designers Focusing on Mental Health Practitioners

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Brighter Vision - Web Design for Mental Health Practitioners
Counseling Kit- Web Design for Mental Health Practitioners
Design for Therapists - Web Design for Mental Health Practitioners

Go Deeper!

To get to know the industry, trade associations for mental health practitioners are a good start!

For more forecasts for the mental health industry, click here for a ready-made Google search.

Types of Mental Health Professionals