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Related-Industry Focus

This type of focus is similar to the umbrella focus. The difference is that with related industries, there is an apparent relationship between them — whereas, with the umbrella focus, there isn’t.

Related industries are often concentrated in a specific part of the country. If you happen to be in such an area, this could be a promising focus.

For example, Hartford, CT, is the historic international center of the insurance industry, with companies such as Aetna, Conning & Company, The Hartford, The Phoenix Companies, and Hartford Steam Boiler. Companies such as Travelers and Lincoln National Corporation also have major operations in the city.

Other examples are the Napa Valley's wine production and Hollywood's movie production industry.

These clusters compete nationally or even globally.

However, you can also focus on related industries in your local market. For example, if you’re a web designer who targets local wedding planners, you can also build websites for local florists, photographers, cake businesses, etc. All of these companies provide services and goods for the same occasion, the wedding.

A beautiful thing about this focus is that referrals flow easier between closely related businesses.

Business Example

Thrive Creative Labs: Marketing Agency

Related-Industry Focus - Business Example - Thrive Creative Labs

Thrive Creative Labs, Thrive for short, builds websites for "water-minded brands."

Thrive concentrates solely on water-focused niches within the outdoor industry.

It's a position that allows them to work with:

  • Boating brands
  • Fishing Guides & Charters
  • Fishing Lodges / Destinations
  • Manufacturers of fishing products
  • Retail outfitters
  • Paddlesports

This Florida agency was co-founded by Jay & Susan Rieckmann back in 1994.

Thrive is helping their clients "achieve their full potential through beautiful design, a firm marketing strategy, and expertly-developed, custom websites that attract, engage and inspire enthusiasts to spend more time on the water."

Check out some of Thrive's best work in their portfolio.

How Thrive Positions their Agency 

Market positioning refers to the manner in which you present and market yourself to potential clients. 

You create a positioning statement as inspiration for persuasive language in all your marketing. The positioning statement is the DNA of your brand. It's invisible but controls how you appear to the world.

When you're consistent in your messaging, it makes it possible for your potential clients to perceive the qualities (or identity) of your brand or services correctly.

Jay & Susan could have written a positioning statement sounding something like this (write your own statement using this template):

Our names are

Jay Rieckmann & Susan Rieckmann

We are the 

co-founders and principals


Thrive Creative Labs

Our firm creates

marketing strategy & brand identities, custom websites, marketing collaterals & catalogs, newsletters, etc. (a full-service marketing agency)


fishing and boating brands

that allows them to

increase prospect leads and product sales/bookings, and keep current customers engaged.


other marketing agencies


take a holistic approach to our client’s marketing and branding, and out WAYPOINT process ensures that no stone is left unturned and that we apply individual creative disciplines to our clients' brand in the right way, at the right time.

We have

25+ years marketing and branding experience in the fishing & outdoor industries. We’re intimately familiar with what they need to drive more business.

We are

passionate about spending time outdoors and conserving the marine environment

Some examples of how Thrive's positioning materializes in their web copy:

"At Thrive, we help water-minded brands achieve their full potential through beautiful design, a firm marketing strategy, and expertly-developed, custom websites that speak to enthusiasts. And in our spare time, we like to play outside."

"We concentrate solely on water-focused niches in the outdoor industry,..."

"Kick-Ass Marketers Who Get the Outdoors"

"Just about anyone can build a fishing lodge website, but few rival our experience, expertise & passion."

"Experts in web design, digital marketing and branding, we also understand your guests, their passion for the outdoors and what makes them tick. You see, we understand your customers because we’re enthusiasts just like them."

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More Examples of Web Designers with Related-Industry Focus


Cheryl Phillips at Cheryl Phillips Design does "aviation website design" and has built sites for airports, flight schools, aviation associations and more.


Simon Appleby at Bookswarm is "The Only Digital Agency Dedicated to the World of Books."  Bookswarm helps book publishers, authors, and literary agents.


From family farms to grain cooperatives, ag service and crop protection companies, Kestrel Website Design has been building web sites for agriculture since 1996.

Resources for Finding Your Own Niche(s)

The Pick a Niche Kit

The Pick a Niche Kit

The Pick a Niche Kit ($10 off when you use this link) shows you 4 simple steps to zero in on your target markets and specialize your way to more and better clients.

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