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Web Designers Helping Online Course Creators

These freelancers/agencies can help an instructor create an effective course (instructional design,) publish it on an online course platform (technical set-up,) and/or help to promote the course (digital marketing.)

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Web Designers Helping Online Course Creators

These freelancers/agencies can help an instructor create an effective course (instructional design,) publish it on an online course platform (technical set-up,) and/or help to promote the course (digital marketing.)

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Area of Focusexamples_cvht_tagsType of FocusBusiness ExampleNiche ExperienceInterviewAboutTop Web Design / Development DeliverablesTech ProfileProportion Web Design / Development VS. Other ServicesTop Additional DeliverablesTypical Type of ClientsTypical Client SizeShowcase Client(s)Primary Pricing ModelAvg. Project BudgetMin. Project BudgetAvg. Hourly RateSubscription FeeAvg. Project DurationCompany SizePrimary SocialProject Inquiriesexamples_directory_urls
Course Design & Thinkific Course Sites
c_onlinecoursecreatorsHorizontal FocusCourse.Studio
"You Teach It. We Build It."

Founded in 2020 by Tonner Jackson
We Help Creators Strategize, Design, and Grow Successful Online Learning Experiences.

We turn offline expertise into online profitability. Regardless of industry. Course Studio will guide you every step of your journey to launching an online learning experience that students love.

Course Studio is an ex MasterClass and Thinkific team arming educators with the skills to create online learning experiences that deliver massive impact for students.
10 - 19 employeesEmail
Course Design & Thinkific Course Sites
c_onlinecoursecreatorsHorizontal FocusClaire Lindsey Learning
"Creative Course Design & Strategy"

Founded in 2017 by Lindsey Barlow
Tucson, AZ
United States
I'm an Online Learning Designer & Marketing Specialist.

If you want a low stress way to get your online course out of your head and into the world... but overwhelm and tech issues are getting in the way, we have to talk. I love creative problem solving.

I help business owners bring their expertise online with courses and membership sites. This can be a long messy process when tackled alone. I have an eight point in depth process that I work through to get to publication.

I’ve worked as a teacher, a software trainer a marketing executive and an event planner. I have a M.Ed plus 15 years experience developing curriculum at the graduate level.

I am one of the Approved Thinkific Experts. You can check out my profile on their Expert List.
Self-employed (full-time)Email
+1 520-595-4155
Course Design & Thinkific Course Sites for Coaches & Teachers
c_onlinecoursecreatorsHorizontal and Vertical Combo FocusHouse 6 Designs
"Let Us Take the Work Out of Designing Your Work"

Founded in 2020 by Tiffany Willyerd
Silver Spring, MD
United States
Web design and online course design for busy instructors. Thinkific course creator here to help.Self-employed (full-time)Email
+1 410-218-5180
DFY Online Course Creation
c_onlinecoursecreatorsHorizontal FocusDreampro
"Course Creation Agency for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners"

Founded in 2019 by Ariel Schiffer
Charlotte, NC
United States
We turn course dreams into multi-million-dollar realities.

We create courses for entrepreneurs that make jaws drop, wallets pop, and testimonials roll in non-stop.
1 - 4 employeesEmail
Guided DIY LearnDash Course Set-up
c_onlinecoursecreatorsThe Way You Work FocusCourseLauncherHQ
"CourseLauncher - a Transformative Learning Platform"

Founded in 2016 by Ellen K. Martin, Ron Martin
Akron, OH
United States
The CourseLauncher Platform leverages the power and flexibility of WordPress with a plugin suite designed to give you an easy and worry-free experience to build, sell and deliver your online course quickly and confidently.

We guide you through the process of getting your course online. You don't have to master a learning platform to teach your course to the world.
1 - 4 employeesEmail
Kajabi Websites / Sales Pages for Coaches
c_onlinecoursecreatorsHorizontal and Vertical Combo FocusCourtney Marie & Co.
"Branding & Web Design for Online Coaches & Course Creators"

Founded in 2018 by Courtney Krueger
Austin, TX
United States
We specialize in branding, Kajabi websites, sales pages and course set-ups. Whether you're looking for custom designs or diy template options, we have you covered!1 - 4 employeesEmail
Kajabi Websites & Templates
c_onlinecoursecreatorsHorizontal FocusSavvyChic Design
"Create Your Profitable Course + Sales Funnel in Half the Time"

Founded in 2017 by Joanna Sherrow
Georgetown, KY
United States
We specialize in done for you graphic design and website development for premium online courses so that you can leverage your time, profit off your expertise, and showcase your content to the world!

I am a visual brand creator and website designer from the Blue Nation (Kentucky). I love helping coaches, educators, and thought-leaders with their visual brand vision and turning it into awesome visual creations to showcase their business. Whether you are just starting out or redesigning, I can help you create your brand that will showcase your industry and style.
Self-employed (full-time)Email
LearnDash LMS Development Services & Plugins
c_onlinecoursecreatorsTechnology Specialization FocuseLearning evolve
"I'm a LearnDash LMS Consultant"

Founded in 2019 by Adeel Raza
Here to help educators, coaches, teachers, and field experts to build their custom Learning Management System (LMS) using WordPress & LearnDash.

eLearning evolve is a passion-driven Edtech startup that provides specialized WordPress and LearnDash LMS development services & plugins. We help our clients to enhance the learning experience for their students through the use of technology.
Self-employed (full-time)Email
Online Course Creators c_education c_onlinecoursecreatorsVertical FocusThe Branding Designer
"Exceptionally Powerful Branding for Online Courses"

Founded in 2018 by Mor Cohen
United States
I help expert course creators increase their revenue by providing a highly professional learning experience for their students.Email
Online Course Sites (Kajabi)
c_onlinecoursecreatorsHorizontal FocusThe Customer's Shoes
"Beside You Every Step of the Way - We Design, Create and Deliver Training Programmes, Online Courses and Engaging Learning Experiences"

Founded in 2009 by Cheryl Gregory
United Kingdom
I work passionately to design and create online training courses, engaging & inspiring interventions globally for my clients.

For the past five years, my 'passion' has been helping my clients create, design and build online courses on Kajabi, joining the 30,000+ serious experts, entrepreneurs and influencers around the world now using this fantastic platform.
1 - 4 employeesEmail
+44 08455480228
Online Learning & Membership Websites (LearnDash)
c_onlinecoursecreatorsHorizontal FocusLMSNinjas
"We Build Online Learning and Membership Sites for Enterprises, Small Businesses, and Startups."

Founded in 2016 by Zeeshan Raza
Philadelphia, PA
United States
LMSninjas is a development agency specializing in professional custom development and consultation services for online learning and membership websites.1 - 4 employeesEmail
Squarespace and Kajabi Websites
c_onlinecoursecreators t_squarespaceHorizontal FocusLucyDesigns
"I Create Beautiful Websites That Sell Your Expertise"

Founded in 2015 by Lucy O'Reilly
I create beautiful Squarespace and Kajabi websites that sell your expertise. I combine design, the tech stuff + strategic advice with a willingness to go the extra mile to build websites that build trust and drive sales. I partner with you every step of the way to bring your business online.

I will also provide you with the training and knowledge to manage your website yourself, so that you can update blog posts, edit copy, add photographs and so on. No need for monthly maintenance contracts!

I also design visual identities for small businesses, as well as print and digital designs that are in keeping with your company's visual identity and which help you stand out from the crowd.
Self-employed (full-time)Email
Thinkific Course Sites, Membership Sites & Apps for Influencers, Coaches, & Online Course Creators
c_onlinecoursecreatorsHorizontal and Vertical Combo FocusRob Galvin
"We Turn Your Thinkific Site Into a Forever Fan Funnel"

Founded in 2018 by Rob Galvin
Cary, NC
United States
Meet your Thinkific experts that live & breath Thinkific everyday

Upgrade your course or membership site into an experience that creates happier students, more course sales and higher retention. We have helped the top gurus, influencers, coaches and course creators.

We choose to be the domain experts on Thinkific. It is the sole platform that we specialize in. Over the past three years we have shocked even the Thinkific team on what we were able to do for our clients.

We create super powers for online course creators using Thinkific. Partner Up with 1-on-1 signature experiences or PowerUp with one of our Thinkific Apps.
Self-employed (full-time)Email
Thinkific Course Sites for Music Teachers
c_onlinecoursecreatorsHorizontal and Vertical Combo FocusTech of Business
"Expand Online. Get the Strategy, Support & Tech You Need to Create an Online Scalable Music Education Business - Even if You Are Tech Adverse"

Founded in 2018 by Jaime Slutzky
Redmond, WA
United States
Make Money Teaching Music Online!

I help music teachers who are tired of the old way of running a studio, create scalable online products and services.

Using my signature Strategy, Support, and Tech methodology, I’ll walk you through the process of taking what you already know and love about teaching music and transforming it into a global online music studio!
Self-employed (full-time)Email
Thinkific eLearning Websites & Online Schools
c_onlinecoursecreatorsHorizontal FocusExcelsior Web Design
"Designing & Building Great Websites"

Founded in 2019 by Jeff Street
Bozeman, MT
United States
I specialize in building websites with Wix, Webflow, and Thinkific. Wix and Webflow are general purpose site builders that can be used to create any type of website. Thinkific is a special purpose site builder that is dedicated to creating eLearning websites and online schools.Self-employed (full-time)
Websites & Thinkific Online Courses for Coaches, Consultants, & Thought-Leaders
c_onlinecoursecreators c_educationHorizontal and Vertical Combo FocusCloudXS Digital
"Need to Create a Beautiful Website and a Rocking Online Course? We’ve Got You."

Founded in 2015 by Alethea Tuitahi
Communication Designer & Online Course Creator

Super talented in transforming your unique content into works of art, I specialise in allowing course creators to deliver their material to the world…without tech frustrations and problems.
Self-employed (full-time)Email
+61 403 342 223

About Online Course Creators

Online Course Creators and Web DesignAn online course creator is someone who creates virtual learning materials for a targeted audience.

Independent online course creators typically publish the courses on a learning management system/LMS, e.g. Kajabi, or on online course marketplaces, for example, Udemy.

Their students access the content through electronic modes such as videos, audio, e-books, AR/VR or any other electronic mode.

Independent online course creator are often coaches, trainers, teachers, authors, professional speakers, or some other type of field-expert or thought-leader. Creating online courses has become a way to increase revenue and reach larger audiences.

Market Outlook:

No. of Companies

Targeting a viable market is your single most important decision.

- Is the market big enough?

- At what rate do new companies enter the industry? 

Elementary and secondary schools
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
83,721 (2020)+8%+1%+0%

Junior colleges
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
3,063 (2020)+15%+5%+2%

Colleges and universities
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
16,865 (2020)+52%+13%+4%

Business and secretarial schools
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
311 (2020)-31%-10%+6%

Computer training
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
3,073 (2020)+17%+17%+6%

Management training
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
9,508 (2020)+35%+21%+8%

Cosmetology and barber schools
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
1,760 (2020)-3%-1%+0%

Flight training
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
1,427 (2020)+32%+17%+7%

Apprenticeship training
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
1,527 (2020)+14%+8%+4%

Other technical and trade schools
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
6,292 (2020)+27%+15%+5%

Fine arts schools
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
14,854 (2020)+38%+11%+3%

Sports and recreation instruction
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
18,153 (2020)+47%+11%+3%

Language schools
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
1,964 (2020)+37%+7%+1%

Exam preparation and tutoring
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
10,255 (2020)+36%+12%+5%

Automobile driving schools
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
2,507 (2020)+8%+1%-1%

Miscellaneous schools and instruction
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
10,635 (2020)+56%+14%+5%

Educational support services
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
21,773 (2020)+80%+24%+8%
Data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (numbers does not include unincorporated self-employed people), 2010–2020
* no data available

No. of Key People

Will you be able to promote yourself? Your outreach activities will run smoother if you can talk to people who already know your type of services.

- Are there people who already buy web design / web development services?

- Does the industry value your type of services? For example, it can be a good sign if they employ many web designers.

Business Schools and Computer and Management Training
Industry Group

Job PositionNo.
Chief Executives360
Computer and Information Systems Managers570
Graphic Designers500
Marketing Managers570
Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers490

Data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics, 2020
* no data available

Online Course Creators and Web Design