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Web Designers / Developers Specializing in Mental Health Professionals


Web Designers / Developers Specializing in Mental Health Professionals

Area of Focusexamples_cvht_tagsType of FocusBusiness ExampleNiche ExperienceInterviewAboutTop Web Design / Development DeliverablesTech ProfileProportion Web Design / Development VS. Other ServicesTop Additional DeliverablesTypical Type of ClientsTypical Client SizeShowcase Client(s)Primary Pricing ModelAvg. Project BudgetMin. Project BudgetAvg. Hourly RateSubscription FeeAvg. Project DurationCompany SizePrimary SocialProject Inquiriesexamples_directory_urls
Mental Health Practitioners
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareVertical FocusBrighter Vision
"Marketing Made Simple - Custom Websites & Marketing Solutions for Therapists"

Founded in 2011 by Perry Rosenbloom
Lafayette, CO
United States
Brighter Vision builds beautiful custom websites for private practice owners, therapists, coaches & other mental health professionals for a fraction of the cost of standard web developers.

We've incorporated the best features from leading providers - plus created them where they didn't exist - and packaged them into a fully customized, mobile responsive website designed to market you and your practice.

With Brighter Vision, you get a $5,000+ website for a fraction of the cost.
20 - 49 employeesEmail
Mental Health Practitioners
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareVertical FocusDesign for Therapists
"Unique, Professional and Affordable Private Practice Websites for Therapists"

Founded in 2012 by Jennifer Breslow
New York, NY
United States
My name is Jennifer Breslow, and as a therapist and a graphic designer, I bring a unique perspective and skill set to designing websites for therapists.

With a foot in both worlds, I understand the challenges that therapists face when developing a private practice. I am thrilled to offer you my experience from both fields to help you create a website for your private practice that is beautiful, affordable, client-attracting and undeniably your own.
Self-employed (full-time)Email
+1 646-481-5228
Mental Health Practitioners
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareVertical FocusPracticeSites
"We Put Your Practice on the Right Track - Websites for Therapists & Health Professionals"

Founded in 2013 by Joe Altobelli
Philadelphia, PA
United States
Therapists, doctors and mental health professionals: We are your one-stop shop for website design, collateral development, graphic design, marketing & brand identity.

We are a team of therapists, designers and consultants who approach each job the same way you approach each client. We understand that each of our clients has different needs and goals, and to that end, we provide a unique and custom experience for each one. We get to know you and your needs and work with you to develop a site that best fits your practice.
1 - 4 employeesEmail
Mental Health Practitioners
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareVertical FocusPrivate Practice Elevation
"Therapist Website Design & Online Marketing"

Founded in 2019 by Daniel Fava
Smyrna, GA
United States
Private Practice Elevation helps busy practice owners scale their business.

I'm a professional web designer helping therapists, counselors & private practitioners create websites to market their services online.

We not only build beautiful private practice websites designed to convert, but we implement strategies for attracting free organic traffic to get your website noticed by your ideal clients.
Self-employed (full-time)Email
Mental Health Practitioners
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareCounseling Kit
"Tools for Helping People"

Founded in 2012 by Ian Labardee, Joseph Wyrembelski
Grandville, MI
United States
Counseling Kit helps therapists build a great looking website and engage their clients with powerful, HIPAA/HiTECH compliant online therapy tools like secure messaging and journaling.1 - 4 employeesEmail
Mental Health Practitioners
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareVertical FocusPsychotherapy Sites
"Website Design for Therapists"

Founded in 2012 by Ellen Gregory
New York, NY
United States
My love for, and expertise in, website design for therapists grew out of over a decade of developing and marketing my own group practice, Midtown Marriage and Family Therapy, PC. I've found a niche in helping therapists present themselves online in a way that represents the heart of their work, is ethical and sound, and helps them structure what they do in a user friendly, easily readable format.Self-employed (part-time)Email
(212) 500-0857
Mental Health Practitioners
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareVertical FocusMy Digital Maven
"Digital Media for Therapists"

Founded in 2018 by Maelisa Hall
Huntington Beach, CA
United States
As a licensed psychologist, I know your industry.

You won’t have to explain the mental health industry, your professional experience, or even client nuances. We already get it.

We currently offer services to help with:

Websites for therapists: We handle everything for you, including the tech set up, professional branding, beautiful graphic design, effective copy writing and SEO optimization.

SEO for therapists: We review your online presence and provide specific recommendations on how to improve your website, and which SEO strategies will be most effective for your practice.
1 - 4 employeesEmail
Mental Health Practitioners
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareVertical FocusDesign Wellness
"Websites & Branding Designed for Therapists and Mental Health Professionals"

Founded in 2019 by Graham Cooper
United Kingdom
Affordable branding and website options to help you attract more clients and professionalise your therapy business.

A beautifully designed website that attracts & reassures prospective clients. Let us create professional online presence that perfectly fits you and your practice:

- Easily editable
- Built in lead capture
- Fully managed by us
- Premium support
1 - 4 employeesEmail
07949 214 660
Mental Health Practitioners
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareVertical FocusTherapy Everywhere
"Grow Your Therapy Practice"

Founded in 2006 by Katriel Reichman
New York, NY
United States
Therapy Everywhere enables psychologists and other mental health providers to grow their practice. Therapy Everywhere provides a complete solution, including scheduling, reminders, billing, payment therapist web sites, and social media for therapists.5 - 9 employeesEmail
Mental Health Practitioners
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareVertical FocusTherapySites
"Websites for Therapists Made Simple"

Founded in 2007 by Kate Maloney
Downers Grove, IL
United States
TherapySites is the leading provider of Website Solutions and Online Marketing for mental health professionals. We are trusted by nearly 150 affiliates, including 12 National Associations, and have helped 8,000 practitioners build their practices with our comprehensive websites.

For just $59 /month, clients can get a robust platform consisting of a mental health specific website, basic onsite search optimization, eNewsletter, online appointment calendar, email integration, credit card processing, and reliable client support.
10 - 19 employeesEmail
(866) 597-2674
Mental Health Practitioners & Yoga Studios
c_mentalhealth c_healthcare c_fitness v_yogastudiosRelated-Industry FocusHealthHosts
"Websites for Therapists"

Founded in 2000 by Mike Saunders
United Kingdom
From the start HealthHosts mission was to provide affordable, beautiful websites for therapists and yoga studios across the UK and in recent years many international clients have joined us too. We offer a complete website service which includes everything you need, from the website design, email, hosting, security and updates.5 - 9 employeesEmail
+44 (0)1206 625440
Mental Health Practitioners, Physical Therapists, & Occupational Therapists
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareRelated-Industry FocusStrong Roots Web Design
"Therapist Website Design"

Founded in 2015 by Sarah Gershone
Silver Springs, MD
United States
I help therapists in private practice connect with more clients and grow their business, through strategic web design and digital marketing. It is my goal to help you conquer any feelings of overwhelm that come with creating an online presence. Because I specialize in creating websites for therapists like you, I can create a unique, beautiful website that reflects who you are, meets your business goals, and that you feel proud of.

Who I work with:

• Mental Health Professionals - Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Counselors
• Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists
• Speech Therapists
• Wellness Coaches
Self-employed (full-time)Email
Squarespaces Websites for Mental Health Practitioners
c_mentalhealth c_healthcareVertical FocusHold Space Creative
"High-Quality, Hard-Working Websites for Private Practice Therapists"

Founded in 2016 by Monica Kovach
Huntington Woods, MI
United States
Building a therapy website shouldn’t be so hard. Filling your practice with great clients shouldn’t be so hard either.Everything I create at Hold Space Creative is rooted in my desire to streamline the website building process so that growing your practice becomes easier, and more people find the help they need.

Hold Space Creative was born out of a desire to change the antiquated, outdated beliefs and prescriptive system for private practice marketing, empowering therapists and therapy-seekers to connect without unnecessary barriers.
Self-employed (full-time)Email

About Mental Health

Mental Health and Web DesignMental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.

The WHO stress that mental health is “more than just the absence of mental disorders or disabilities.” Peak mental health is about not only avoiding active conditions but also looking after ongoing wellness and happiness.

The mental health market is segmented on the basis of disorder, services, age group, and region.

By disorder, the market is categorized into schizophrenia, alcohol use disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, and other disorders.

By services, the market is divided into emergency mental health services, outpatient counselling, home-based treatment services, inpatient hospital treatment services, and other services.

By age group, it is fragmented into pediatric, adult, and geriatric.

Market Outlook:

No. of Companies

Targeting a viable market is your single most important decision.

- Is the market big enough?

- At what rate do new companies enter the industry? 

Offices of mental health physicians
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
11,699 (2020)+18%+12%+6%

Offices of mental health practitioners
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
23,781 (2020)+66%+31%+10%

Outpatient mental health centers
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
12,825 (2020)+60%+21%+6%

Psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
2,298 (2020)+25%-1%-1%

Residential mental and substance abuse care
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
8,967 (2020)+31%+10%+3%
Data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (numbers does not include unincorporated self-employed people), 2010–2020
* no data available

No. of Key People

Will you be able to promote yourself? Your outreach activities will run smoother if you can talk to people who already know your type of services.

- Are there people who already buy web design / web development services?

- Does the industry value your type of services? For example, it can be a good sign if they employ many web designers.

Offices of Physicians
Industry Group

Job PositionNo.
Chief Executives2,610
Computer and Information Systems Managers1,570
Graphic Designers130
Marketing Managers870
Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers210

Offices of Other Health Practitioners
Industry Group

Job PositionNo.
Chief Executives660
Computer and Information Systems Managers110
Graphic Designers30
Marketing Managers210
Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers100

Outpatient Care Centers
Industry Group

Job PositionNo.
Chief Executives1,190
Computer and Information Systems Managers1,640
Graphic Designers60
Marketing Managers310
Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers170

Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals
Industry Group

Job PositionNo.
Chief Executives110
Computer and Information Systems Managers130
Marketing Managers110

Residential Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Facilities
Industry Group

Job PositionNo.
Chief Executives900
Computer and Information Systems Managers270
Graphic Designers40
Marketing Managers250
Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers30

Data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics, 2020
* no data available

Mental Health and Web Design