November 2, 2018

How to Stand Out, Even If You Do Vanilla Work

 How to Differentiate Vanilla Design and Development Services - 3 Gutsy Ways

It’s not just WHAT you sell, but HOW you sell it.

DUDE Agency, Total Brandits, and WebsiteByTonight understand this. They produce things like banners/landing pages, business cards, and brochure sites – plain vanilla design and development. These guys stand out anyway. How do they do it? They differentiate themselves by HOW they sell (or delivers) their services. 

And in the process, they add some chili spice to their brands.

How can YOU differentiate yourself by the way you sell your services?

Let these examples inspire!

1. DUDE Agency

How to Differentiate & Sell Vanilla Design and Development Services - 3 Gutsy Ways - DUDE

HOW? Free 14-Day Free Trial of Your Own Web Design/Development Team. No Credit Card Required.

I love the mask! This stunt could have become ridiculous, but Chris Martinez pulls it off with bravado.

DUDE Agency (US/Mexico) offers unlimited access to a web designer, developer, and digital marketer for agencies and marketing consultants – all for a flat monthly fee.

After the 14-Day Free Trial, DUDE offers three monthly plans, ranging from $497 to $3,597/mo.

There are no limits to the number of requests a client can make at the ELITE Unlimited and Basic Unlimited levels. You interact with DUDE like they are your own team. With the Basic Plan, DUDE does everything except building out full websites.

Think building landing pages and funnels, Clickfunnels, LeadPages, Facebook Ads, retargeting and advertising banners, optin form integration, installing tracking pixels, email newsletter setup, and WordPress updates.

They don’t do copywriting, running ad campaigns, running webinars, video, and Amazon web store set up.

2. Total Brandits

How to Differentiate & Sell Vanilla Design and Development Services - 3 Gutsy Ways - Total Brandits

HOW? Unlimited Graphics with Unlimited Revisions for a Low, Flat Monthly Fee. Introductory 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.

I love Craig Gillespie‘s branding! Not everyone does.

His firm, Total Brandits (UK), offer graphic design services with unlimited revisions for a low cost, flat monthly fee. Total Brandits aim to support small to medium sized businesses who “find design agencies and freelance designers slow, expensive or intimidating to work with.”

Total Brandits focus on projects with fast turnaround. Think flyers, posters, leaflets, business cards, brochures and digital images for use on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and the likes.

There are no contracts and no hidden fees, just a rolling monthly plan to suit that can be canceled at any time. And as an introductory offer, there is even a 30-day money back guarantee.

Total Brandits offers two monthly plans, ranging from £275 to £385/mo.

They don't design websites or motion graphics.

Similar service: DesignPickle (US/Philippines)

3. WebsiteByTonight

How to Differentiate & Sell Vanilla Design and Development Services - 3 Gutsy Ways - WebsiteByTonight

HOW? Building Websites via Screen Share

Few web designers want the client sitting next to them while they work. Jared Gold has made it the way he sells!

WebsiteByTonight (US) is his turnkey “productized” service where he builds and launches websites via screen share (while receiving real-time client feedback) in a matter of hours – all for a low, flat rate.

A website is $749 flat (or $998 if the client wants additional design polish / extra pages.) Hosting and support are $10-$15/mo.

Jared and his team build all sites on Squarespace. Most jobs are basic brochure websites with up to 4-5 pages and a contact form.

Want to know more about how Jared manages WebsiteByTonight? Jason Resnick has made an excellent podcast interview with Jared.

The book Sales Differentiation: 19 Powerful Strategies to Win More Deals at the Prices You Want ($3.99, Kindle edition) inspired this post.

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