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Email Newsletter Best Practices

Email Newsletter Best Practices. How Designers Design Their Own Email Newsletter

How Designers Design Their Own Email Newsletter

Publishing an email newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with past, current and potential design clients. Below you can learn email newsletter best practices from fellow freelance creatives. Use the their layout as a starting point for your own newsletter.

Look at the graphic below! It shows which content most freelancers include in their newsletters, and also how they order it. Boxes with solid lines show content most freelance creative include in their newsletters. Dashed lines show somewhat less frequent content.

Email Newsletter Best Practices for Freelance Graphic Designers and Web Designers

But, of Course, You Can Do It Differently

If you want to differentiate yourself, you can use the above as a guide for how NOT to structure your own email newsletter.

Here are two freelancers doing their newsletters differently:

  • Paul Jarvis is a freelance web designer. His “Sunday Dispatch” newsletter often consists of just one long text. Sometimes with a short announcement added at the bottom. Many times his only text is 1,000 words, or more. Subscribe to his newsletter here.
  • Deidre Rienzo is a freelance copywriter publishing publishing what she calls her “un-newsletter.” Deidre just writes something short and cute — and sends it. Check out her past newsletters here.

Are you ready to start, but need ideas for what to write about? Check out: Newsletter Ideas for Freelance Creatives.

Not convinced yet if a newsletter is a good idea? Read Email Marketing for Creative Freelancers. Yay or Nay?


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