October 23, 2018

Freelancers Who Hire Other Freelancers

Freelancers Who Hire Other Freelancers


Recently I was asking this question on Facebook:

Freelancers, out of curiosity, what other service professionals have you hired or partnered up with?”

I posted the survey in Millo MastermindFreelancers’ Hub, and the Freelance to Freedom Project. Three Facebook groups for freelance creative professionals. I got 282 answers, and this is how the answers came back:

What other service professionals have freelancers hired or partnered up with?

I then dug deeper to see what kind of freelancers who had hired freelance designers:

Who had hired or partnered up with freelance designers?

We all know that a robust network of fellow freelancers can produce work both ways. You can help each other with overflow, with work the clients want but you suck at, or rather not do. You can join forces in marketing.

But your network must be intentional, rather than happenstance.

Which of the above type of professional peers would you like in your personal network?

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Happy networking!