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How to Reignite a Floundering Creative Business

Revealed on this page:

  • How to stop offering low fees
  • How to attract clients who are right for YOU (and a roadmap for how to do it)
  • How to be crystal-clear in your communication (both to yourself and to your market)
  • How to get help from a business consultant with 25+ year experience in the creative industry
  • How to get the one & only Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor to help you (one-on-one)
  • How to qualify for a $200 discount
  • How to get a $49 bonus product for FREE

If you suffer from discouraging or too few inquiries… if clients nickel and dime you… if you aren't making enough money… If you want to sharpen your focus but are afraid of wasting time on the wrong niche… then this message is for you. Here's why…

Any seasoned, creative professional can finally find a viable, profitable niche by using the Pick a Niche Kit because it's an easy-to-understand, step-by-step, tried and tested, proven 4-step process.

If you ignore your lack of focus, it just gets worse!

We'll start as generalists. As a young creative professional just starting out, you have the luxury of time and minimal personal responsibility toward your business. However, if you been in business 5+ years (or even 10+) and still are drifting, it's time to zero in on something.

What most creative professionals do when they try to pick a niche is trawling the internet for ideas or some other scattershot approach. Most likely, they will never pick a niche. Why?

  • They don't use a tried, tested and proven process (most creatives just aren't business consultants and don't want to be)
  • They try to do it alone (no professional support)
  • They don't know how to validate a niche (they become victims of analysis paralysis)
  • They are distracted by new "shiny" niches over and over (they never commit)
  • They use a rudimentary process that doesn't factor in what's the right niche for THEM (they pick the wrong niche)

And what happens if you don't focus? If you just keep doing what you've been doing?

You're already losing money by the hour.

It's hard to explain, but there are a few lucky creative jacks-of-all-trade who get plenty of high quality, big budget work through word of mouth.

By now, you know if you belong to those lucky few.

For the rest of us, becoming an expert is the feasible way to charge more. 

Do any of these instances sound like reasons for you to take your low fees more seriously?
  • Not enough retirement savings (having to work until you drop dead). In your forties, you should have banked three times your annual salary. If you're making $55,000, you should have a balance of $165,000. In your thirties, you should have about one annual salary saved (Investopedia, 2016).
  • Not enough family time (working crazy hours just to get by)
  • No buffer for dry spells (80 % of businesses go bust due to cash flow issues)
  • Racking up credit card debt (unplanned expenses)
  • No proper health insurance (massive medical costs in event of serious illness or accident)
  • No certifications, classes, and conferences (falling behind on professional skills)
  • No college funds for the kids ($11,052 - $42,419/year)
  • No vacation (In the US, the average vacation expense is $4,580 for a family of four.)

Reality check #1: 75% of Canadian self-employed photographers earn less than $23,287 a year (30.000 CAD). 50% make less than minimum wage. That's government data.

Reality check #2: In Dec 2015, International Freelance Academy (a US based company) surveyed 540 self-employed creative professionals for their levels of specialization and income, comprised mostly of writers, copywriters, web designers, and graphic designers.

Out of the creative professionals who had NOT picked a niche, 73.33% earned a paltry $30,000/year - or LESS.

Who earned the most? Creative professionals who had chosen an industry niche, e.g., aviation, or a particular type of project in combination with an industry, e.g., logo design for sports.

You are probably losing at least $10,400.

This is how an increased hourly fee will add to your annual revenue (20 billable hours a week):













The top 22% graphic designers charge $80-140/hour. The top 14% digital designers charge $120-180/hour. Look at the hourly rates below!

This money data is rock-hard. It comes from Bonsai Contracts (2015). 15,000+ self-employed creative professionals are using their invoicing service.

Hourly rates

How Ilise can solve your “focus” problem.

On my blog, I interview creative professionals just like you. Web designers, illustrators, graphic designers, writers, photographers…

They all say the same.

Picking a niche is the single most important decision you will ever make as a creative professional and a business owner.

It's the key.

In the spring of 2015, my passion for specialized creative professionals caught the attention of Ilise Benun, a New York-based business consultant. She was working on a new training product.

Ilise has written 7 business books for creative professionals. She is a national speaker on conferences for creative professionals, founder of, co-founder and the host of the Creative Business/Design Entrepreneurship program of HOW Design Live.

Ilise reached out to me. In March 2015, she sent me a review copy of her new training.

That training was called the 'Pick a Niche Kit.'

I loved Ilise's no-nonsense approach.

  • No marketing blah-blah.
  • No hype.
  • Just down-to-earth, straightforward, and honest advice.
  • It's training created specifically for creative professionals.
  • Packed with proven techniques.

In the Pick a Niche Kit, Ilise walks you through a very methodical and precise 4-step process you can easily follow. Her steps are simple and made up of just common sense.

She helps you to figure out a niche that feels 'just right.' She helps you to avoid the worst pitfalls.

When Ilise asked me what I thought about her new training, I said:

-"It's the training I should have created."

Ilise laughed out loud! She had thought the same.

To be honest, I was jealous. I wish I had created the Pick a Niche Kit.

But I didn't.

So I did the next best thing. I secured a first-class offer–exclusive to the readers of this email. (More about that later.)

Picking a niche worked for these creative professionals, and it will work for you.

John HartwellIn business since 2001, sports identity designer, Hartwell Studio Works, Atlanta.

Had I not specialized, I'd probably still be running myself ragged chasing a million leads for the sake of chasing them. I'd be really, really, really tired.

It's simplified my sales and marketing efforts tremendously. It's so much easier to approach an opportunity as an 'expert,' instead of as 'some guy who does graphic design stuff.' 

Do it. It'll make your life easier and give you access to opportunities that are the whole reason you're freelancing in the first place."​

"…I marketed myself as a project manager, UX designer and copywriter, which was probably confusing to prospective clients.

A few years later I decided to focus solely on UX design and was able to charge higher rates and get more interesting projects."

-Mary Shaw, in business since 2006, UX Designer, Shaw Media Group, New York.

"I struggled with earning more than $10k my first year. I got paid maybe $50 per 500-word blog post…

It wasn't until this past year that I decided to start delving specifically into online video (and online business) that I started to get companies inquiring after my services.

They were willing to pay me $250 per 500-word blog post! That's a 500% increase in potential income…"

-Bree Brouwer, in business since 2012, freelance writer, Geek & Prosper, Phoenix.

Who Ilise is and why you should listen to her.

Ilise Benun - Marketing Mentor

Ilise has helped a lot of creative professionals just like you.

"For years I've been helping independent creative professionals focus, and in every instance (hundreds upon hundreds of them), they are rewarded with better clients, better projects and better pay."

She walks the walk.

"I know this because I've done it. When I first started my business I had no idea that I needed to focus. For the first 10 years, I wasn't focused at all. I worked with whoever came along—actors and painters but also exterminators, dentists, and professional organizers."

By 2016, Ilise had been coaching creative professionals for 25+ years. Also, many of her clients had been in business 10+ years.

That's a mountain of experience. It all comes together in Ilise's training products.

The niche picking process in the Pick a Niche Kit has been tried, tested and proven to work for the creative industry.

Here is what Ilise's coaching clients are saying:

"Working with Ilise is better than having a fairy godmother. She teaches you how to connect with your dream clients and price appropriately, helping you grow your business into what you've always wished it to be."

-Kathleen Giarrano, in business since 1998, creative director, Blue Bird Design, New York.

"I felt I was lost in the dark woods and sliding faster and faster downhill, hitting every branch on the way. I started to finally acknowledge I may have to finally throw in the towel.

Enter Ilise. In one fell swoop, she asked the questions to which I needed to find answers, got a sense of who I was & where I was going, and prescribed step by step directions to get where I now knew I wanted to go."

-Iain Keith, in business since 2009, freelance illustrator, Imagicon, Halifax.

If you can afford $99 today, you can instantly download 25+ years of niche picking experience.

Ilise charges $200/hour for private coaching. She has now distilled those thousands of hours into the Pick a Niche Kit. The kit contains the same process she uses in her private coaching sessions.

That's right. You will access Ilise's 25+ year experience and her process… but for a price less than 30 minutes of her private coaching.

Is it worth it? Remember, specialists charge more. If you typically bill 20 hours a week, $10 more per hour means $10,400 extra per year. That's a 105x return on the Pick a Niche Kit.

"I would absolutely recommend the kit and already have!

I recently purchased the Pick-a-Niche Kit and it´s fantastic!

Completely burnt out from continually re-inventing the wheel and trying to be everything to everyone, I finally realized I needed to get clear on my ideal client, which meant I needed to pick a niche.

The kit has helped me identify a few target markets/areas I want to focus on."

Shannon E. O'Connor, freelance writer, Write through the Looking Glass, Tampa Bay, in business since 2010.

"I can recommend it without reservation, and I encourage you to download it today.

Designed exclusively for creative professionals, the Pick a Niche Kit is a step-by-step guide to unlocking the power of specialization. You'll learn how focusing enables you to charge higher fees, get more satisfying work, establish a reputation that attracts ideal clients, and achieve greater success in less time.

These ideas aren't just theories or blue sky speculations. Ilise backs up everything with real-world examples.

More importantly, Ilise deals with specialization as a process rather than a cold-turkey decision, explaining how to ease into it gradually."

-Tom Tombusch, freelance copywriter, WordStreamCopy, Cincinnati, in business since 2002.

"The worksheets ask all the right questions, and will get you thinking about your business.

It's too easy to tell someone to pick a niche and 'get on with it', but Ilise has done a great job in providing the tools to get it done right."

-Nathan Powell, independent UI/UX designer at Nusii/Hand Made Studio, Madrid, in business since 2013.

What the Pick a Niche Kit will get you:

The easy-to-follow, step-by-step process

1. How to find your focus

2. Choosing potential target markets

3. Determine the viability of your chosen markets

4. Moving toward your focus

3 worksheets

These worksheets help you get started:

  • Cloning your favorite clients
  • Target market brainstorm
  • Is your market viable?

A TON of inspiring examples!

The Pick a Niche Kit story is told in the words of Ilise's clients—peers who already have gone through the process of finding a niche.

  • 10 ways to focus (with examples of real creative businesses for each focus)
  • 27 examples of people just like you who have made smart niche decisions (why they did it, what they did, and how it's working for them.)
  • 6 bonus audio podcasts (with transcripts)
  • New niche ideas (heard of the "Umbrella Focus"?)
  • BONUS eBook: 5 detailed interviews with designers and illustrators specializing in wine, thought leaders, sports identities, infographics and book covers.

The kit is meaty, but it's an easy-read. It's packed with illustrations and examples from all creative fields. Ilise's writing style is very down-to-earth.

The 100% No Strings Attached Guarantee!

The Pick a Niche Kit comes with a 60 day, 100% unconditional, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

Download the Pick a Niche-Kit, use it, and if you don’t like it, then just email Ilise (, and she’ll give you all your money back through PayPal or your credit card. And you won’t have to wait either. Ilise will issue any refund on the spot.

And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove. I promise Ilise won’t question you.

She won’t even ask you to delete the Pick a Niche Kit from your computer.

Ilise is taking a risk by offering this guarantee. She can’t get the atoms off your hard drive once you download her training, so you could just order the kit, ask for a refund and rip her off, but I’m going to trust that you’re not going to do that.

Just like you, she deserves to get paid.

For the record, as of August 20, 2016, 225 creative professionals have bought the Pick a Niche Kit. Ilise hasn’t had one single refund request.

But wait, there is even more for you…

BONUS: Get the “Get the Work You Want Evergreen Marketing Plan + eCalendar for Creative Professionals” for FREE!

Choosing your niche is the first step. The next step is to get your day-to-day marketing in order.

I bought Ilise's “Get the Work You Want Evergreen Marketing Plan + eCalendar for Creative Professionals" myself. Her plan finally stopped me from procrastinating my marketing.

That’s why I worked out this excellent deal with Ilise.

If you buy Ilise’s Pick a Niche Kit today, she will include her "Get the Work You Want Evergreen Marketing Plan + eCalendar for Creative Professionals” for FREE!

Ilise’s Marketing Plan complements the Pick a Niche Kit incredibly well. This simple, evergreen marketing plan will tell you exactly what to do every day—without overwhelming you or your calendar.

As all of Ilise’s training products, it’s specifically made for creative professionals.

The marketing plan is normally $49.

This combination of training is a complete game plan to get the clients you want the most.

“…each day I wake up and tackle what you prescribe. Sometimes the plan feels like a game and it's fun; other times it's like having you here to hold my hand through the stuff that terrifies me.”
-Marley K.

“I now have a day-by-day plan. Monday is researching prospects, Tuesday is for marketing, and so on. It’s helped me to be proactive – to promote myself, find work and clients on my own terms.”

What the FREE Marketing Plan will get you:

  • The Marketing Plan: The 4 best marketing tools for creative professionals (and how to use them)
  • Weekly Checklist: A handy cheat sheet of what to do each day of the week.
  • Electronic Calendar: Pops up every day with your marketing task. Syncs with iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook.
  • Lead tracking spreadsheet
  • 3 Podcasts. Interviews (and complete transcripts) with creative professionals who are using these tools and getting results!
  • Bonus stuff: Webinar, online resources, email message templates…

But we don’t stop there…

25% off on one-to-one coaching!

Download the Pick a Niche-Kit today, read it, work through the worksheets.

Put the marketing plan to work.

If you still feel you need to add some private coaching, call Ilise (201-653-0783)! As an introductory offer, Ilise has agreed to give 25% off for the first 4 hours of coaching. You will get a discount voucher.

You will pay $75 instead of $100 per 30-minutes session.

That’s an additional $200 in potential savings.

Finally, it’s your turn!

When you buy the Pick a Niche Kit today, you’ll get the key to:

  • A viable niche (that’s right for YOU)
  • Higher fees (grow your savings, 401(k))
  • Clarity (you will know who to target, what to say, what to offer)
  • Word of mouth that works (you’ll be someone worth talking about)
  • A plan of action (goals and a roadmap for marketing that works)

It all comes as part of the Pick a Niche Kit and your FREE bonus, “Get the Work You Want Evergreen Marketing Plan + eCalendar for Creative Professionals.” Ilise is on stand-by to coach you (25% off). With this combination of training, you will be set to reignite your creative business.

This is an exclusive deal for my readers. You can't get this deal anywhere else. $99 will get you:

  • THE PICK A NICHE KIT (a solid 157-page download with the 4-step process, worksheets, and loads of examples)
  • THE FREE BONUS: The marketing plan – normally $49
  • DISCOUNT VOUCHER: 25% off on up to 4 hours of private coaching - a potential $200 saving.

That's a potential value of $348. All for only $99.

The Pick a Niche Kit is explicitly created for creative folks like graphic & web designers, illustrators, photographers, copywriters, and writers.

Full disclosure: To make the most of kit, you’ve probably been in business for 5+ years:

Ilise BenunMarketing Mentor

My ideal clients — the ones I am most able to help — have been in business long enough to know that you can’t just take what comes along. To grow — and they do want to grow — requires effort and intention and a commitment to the process.”

Any seasoned creative professional can revive a floundering business using Ilise’s Pick a Niche Kit and Marketing Plan. Ilise’s process worked for me, it worked for hundreds of other creative professionals and it will work for you, too. You know that with Ilise’s 60 day No Strings Attached Guarantee, you are 100% protected and safe.

It’s Decision Time!

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Low fees. Discouraging inquiries. Not enough savings. Cash flow issues. Marketing that sucks. No waiting list of eager clients

Is that really where you want to be? Take a new action, and get a new result. Finally, get your floundering creative business back on track—and keep it there.

Which do you really want for yourself?

Here’s what to do now…

1. Click the red “Go to Product Page!” button below.

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7. Click the orange “Complete order” button!

Immediate download.

60 day money back guarantee. 100% no strings attached.

To your success,



Time to take back your lost time! Reignite your floundering creative business with better projects, better clients, and better pay! Pick a viable niche with the easy-to-follow, step-by-step process in the Pick a Niche Kit. Click here to download immediately!