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​​Copywriting Niches

​For inspiration and to see what is possible, check out these ​​copywriting niches! For each niche on the list, there is also a business case: A real-life freelance ​​copywriter or small ​​copywriting agency targeting that particular niche.

Targeted NicheCreative FieldType of NicheB2B/B2CBusiness ExampleCompany SizePositioningIn Business SinceLinkedInInterview
Accountants/CPAscopywritingverticalB2BLiz Farr1B2B copywriting for accountants by a CPA2014
Amazon sales listingscopywritinghorizontalB2BDiane Boerstler1The hypnotic Amazon sales copywriter1999
Automotive industrycopywritingverticalB2BJim Koscs1Communication managers at top automotive brands make their jobs easier by hiring AudaMotive Communications for marcom, PR writing and editorial.1999
Autoresponders (email marketing)copywritingvertical/horizontal comboB2BJohn McIntyre2The autoresponder guy2012
Brighton businessescopywritingumbrella focusB2BRob Beattie11987
Catalog copycopywritinghorizontalB2BGina Crisci1Attention-grabbing product descriptions for your catalog or website.
ChiropractorscopywritingverticalB2BInes A Hatch1Chiropractor copywriter2016
Christian marketcopywritingwe understand your customerB2BJan Blonk1Are you looking for a Christian copywriter who's specialized in the Christian market?2016
Coffee shopscopywritingrelated industriesB2BDiana Cacy Hawkins1The coffee copywriter2007
Conversion copycopywritinghorizontalB2BJoel Klettke1No matter what the angle, I’ll help you find the words to turn skeptics into advocates and prospects into paying customers.2011
Craft beercopywritingverticalThomas Damon1Handcrafted copywriting for the craft beer industry2016
Creative professionalscopywritingrelated industriesB2BKimberly Houston1Copywriting for creative rebels who mean business2010
Crowdfunding campaignscopywritinghorizontalB2BKendell Rizzo12016
Customer case studiescopywritinghorizontalB2BCasey Hibbard1The success story specialist2001
Dental industry marketerscopywritingverticalB2BPatrick Rouillard1Copy and content writing for dental industry marketers
Design industriescopywritingrelated industriesB2BEdward Beaman1The designer's copywriter2013
Direct response copy for the health & fitness industrycopywritingvertical/horizontal comboB2BShawn Lebrun1Sales copy that sells2002
Direct response television (DRTV)copywritingtechnology specializationB2BLisa Denvir11994
Donor retention communications for nonprofitscopywritingverticalB2BLisa Sargent1You work hard to attract donors. We work hard to help you keep them.2005
eCommerce product descriptionscopywritinghorizontalB2BJordan Mitchell1B2C eCommerce copywriter & blogger2010
Employment Servicescopywritingwe understand your customerB2BJeff Friend1Effective copywriting for employment services and human resources-related businesses.2016
English/Italian copywritingcopywritinghorizontalB2BMatteo Moroni1Italian copywriter & translator2013
Entertainment advertisingcopywritingrelated industriesB2BStephen Kamsler1Entertainment Copywriter2008
Funny conversion copycopywritinghorizontalB2BLianna Patch1Punchline conversion copywriting2010
GymscopywritingverticalB2BEmily Allen1The gym copywriter. Results-driven marketing for gyms and fitness centers
Hearing loss (audiologists and hearing aid companies)copywritingrelated industriesB2BDrew Kutnick12016
Home improvement supplierscopywritingverticalB2BSpring Dew1Your remodeling and home improvement copywriter1997
Hospitality industry (B2B)copywritingverticalB2BJeremiah Magone1Hospitality copywriting2015
Ice hockeycopywritingverticalB2BChris Hallenbeck1Sports copywriting to help you increase your sales2011
Landing pagescopywritinghorizontalB2BRob Marsh1Landing page writer1994
Logisticscopywritingrelated industriesB2BMichael Simmons1Focused marketing for logistics2016
Maritime industrycopywritingverticalB2BDave Loomis1Commercial writer providing B2B services for the marine industry2007
Medical device industrycopywritingrelated industriesB2BCasey Demchak2Direct response copywriting2001
Mortgage industrycopywritingverticalB2BRobert Regehr1Powerful copywriting for mortgage marketers2013
Museums and exhibitionscopywritingverticalB2BCaroline Ellis1Museum copywriter2012
Neuro-linguistic, hypnotic copywritingcopywritingtechnology specializationB2BUna Maria Grunfeld1Your words have power2017
On demand conversion-optimized copycopywritingthe way you workB2BSNAP Copy2Get MUCH better copy in as little as 48 hours2016
PetscopywritingverticalB2BPet Copywriter2Race ahead of the pack. Web-SEO content and consulting for pet industry marketers1995
Physical security industrycopywritingverticalB2BSam Arico1The security copywriter2015
Plantscopywritingumbrella focusB2BKatie Elzer-Peters1Business writing for busy bees2007
PR copywritingcopywritinghorizontalB2BKathleen Hanover1Marketing, PR and social media that creates results2006
PsychotherapistscopywritingverticalB2BJuliet Austin11999
Radio advertisingcopywritingtechnology specializationB2BDan O'Day1The Internet home of practitioners of great radio from around the world.1991
Real estate agentscopywritingverticalB2BMarte Cliff1What do top producing real estate agents all have in common? Effective marketing2002
Real estate investingcopywritingverticalB2BAaron Hoos1Copywriting for real estate investors… by a real estate investor1999
Resumescopywritingvertical/horizontal comboB2BErica Breuer1You broke the mold. Your resume should too.2014
SaaS companiescopywritingrelated industriesB2BAnnie Maguire1SaaS copywriter & consultant2015
SEO food copywritingcopywritingvertical/technology specialization comboB2BRia Ghose1Wield the true power of SEO food copywriting to win over your prospects and beat your competitors2016
Short copy collateral for financial newsletter promotionscopywritingvertical/horizontal comboB2BSandy Fox1Investment copy. Retention and renewal specialist.2011
Small, family-owned industrial manufacturerscopywritingcompany size/related industriesB2BDianne Huff1Industrial marketing1998
Story driven copywritingcopywritingtechnology specializationB2BMark Soroka1Story driven copywriting2014
Subscription businessescopywritingrelated industriesB2BJen Havice1Your customers are waiting for a reason to become raving fans2011
Technical copy for engineerscopywritingwe understand your customerB2BWilliam C. Blake1Technical-industrial copywriter2004
Technical copywritingcopywritingrelated industriesB2BNabeel Keblawi1Your technical copywriter. Transform dry tech-speak into compelling copy that sells.2015
Travel businessescopywritingverticalB2BDustin Walker1Content that moves travelers2012
US Hispanic marketcopywritingwe understand your customerB2BIgnacio Valle1Spanish copywriting services2009
Vibrant copywriting with powerful personalitycopywritingumbrella focusB2BJessica Manuszak1Meet the conversion copywriting propelled by personality2015
White paperscopywritinghorizontalB2BGordon Graham1I help B2B firms tell their stories with white papers based on facts, not hype. Work with me to generate more leads and more sales.1999
Wilderness equipmentcopywritingverticalB2BDaniel Teague1Wilderness equipment content and copywriting2002

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​​​Copywriting Niches