June 11, 2014

Email Marketing for Creative Freelancers. Yea or Nay?

Email marketing for creative freelancers. Yay or Nay?Should a freelance graphic designer, illustrator or web designer make time to write an email newsletter?

Top Two Reasons for Email Marketing for Creative Freelancers

1. An email newsletter will keep you top-of-mind

Showing up in your current and potential clients' mailboxes now and then will remind them of you and of what you are doing. The key to top-of-mind is frequent repetition. An email newsletter will help you with exactly that.

[box] “…[the newsletter] is a reminder to your client base that you are there and ready to work. And if it hits their email at the right time, you're in!”

Kellie Frisell, freelance graphic designer[/box]


2. An email newsletter will (slowly) strengthen your personal brand

Besides being top-of-mind you want potential and existing clients to know, like and trust you, which is the other vital thing a newsletter can help you with.

Just start to send your subscribers good-quality, relevant content.

Be nice. Be generous. Be authentic.

Keep sending. Keep demonstrating your expertise. Sooner or later the newsletter will position you as a likeable pro.

[box]There’s a certain element of reputation that goes along with operating an email newsletter. Do it right and you’ll soon be known as the publisher of that impressive newsletter, who happens to also offer amazing freelance services. […] The quality of your newsletter will always reflect directly on your professional reputation.

Thursday Bram, freelance writer.[/box]


When a client has you top-of-mind, likes you, and knows you as a true pro… Who do you think he or she will reach out to the next time your type of services are needed..?


Other Reasons for Email Marketing

To build your personal brand and make sure you are top-of-mind are the top two reasons for email marketing for creative freelancers. However, an email newsletter also lets you:

  • educate your clients on the value of your services
  • get feed-back (through statistics and by in person replies)
  • drive visits to your blog or online portfolio
  • carefully trigger new needs (by the projects you show and the subjects you choose to write about)

An email newsletter is definitely a long-term marketing activity, but occasionally you can also use your newsletter for:

  • launching new products or services
  • announcing promotions, e.g. discounts, sales and other special deals


“Currents” (my humble little newsletter) turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business. It’s boosted my visibility, enhanced my positioning, helped me stay connected with potential buyers, and yes, brought me new business.

Tom N. Tumbusch, freelance copywriter

A regularly published, good quality newsletter WILL help you to gain repeat business and to win new design clients.

It will help you to smooth out the high and lows in your freelance business.

Shorter dry spells mean less need for desperate sales calls and deep discounts.

Good enough reasons to get started, aren't they?

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