September 9, 2013

Best Tweets of the Week: Sep 2, 2013 – Sep 8, 2013

Best Tweets of the Week from Flaunt My Design's Twitter StreamThis week's most favorited, most retweeted, and most clicked tweets from Flaunt My Design's Twitter stream. Plus reruns of the two tweets you probably didn't click, but should have.

Rerun 1) Freelance Unleashed interviewed lead generation specialist John Logan on how freelancers efficiently can gain new clients through networking. It's a 45 minutes podcast well worth listening to. At start John might come across as a bit salesly. but give him the benefit of a doubt and listen through. He offers some solid advice. Hint: Efficient networking takes strategy, preparation and work.

Rerun 2) Web designer Steven Snell over at the Vanderlay Design blog takes a helpful look at seven mistakes commonly made by new freelancers.

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