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Website Designers / Developers For Architects

For inspiration and to see what is possible, check out these ​web design niches! For each niche on the list, there is also a business case: A real-life freelance ​web designer or small ​web design agency targeting that particular niche.


Website Designers / Developers For Architects

For inspiration and to see what is possible, check out these ​web design niches! For each niche on the list, there is also a business case: A real-life freelance ​web designer or small ​web design agency targeting that particular niche.

Area of Focusexamples_cvht_tagsType of FocusBusiness ExampleAboutProjects in This NicheWorking with This Focus SinceProportion Web Design / Development VS. Other ServicesTop Web Design / Development DeliverablesTop Additional DeliverablesTypical Type of ClientsTypical Client SizeShowcase Client(s)Avg. Project BudgetMin. Project BudgetAvg. Hourly RateAvg. Project DurationFounder(s)InterviewFoundedCompany SizeCountryCityPrimary SocialProject Inquiriesexamples_directory_urls
c_creativeprofessionals c_professionalservices v_architectsVertical FocusArchmark
"Architect Branding & Marketing"

Founded in 2017 by Bryan McCartney, Kellie Nolan
Estero, FL
United States
We help architects go from lookalike commodities to sought after authorities so they can attract/connect better clients.

ARCHMARK is dedicated to helping Architects and Designers improve the visibility, profitability, and success of their firms.We start with the ARCHMARK Business Blueprint, a finely-tuned process to help you identify where you currently stand, outline measurable goals, and provide you with an actionable recommendation roadmap to get you to the next level.

The ARCHMARK team is made up of seasoned professionals with extensive branding and marketing experience. Our processes are founded in the best practices we have defined for businesses from Fortune 100 companies to small, local firms.
Bryan McCartney
Kellie Nolan
20175 - 9 employeesUnited States (US)Estero, FL
Architects & Interior Designers v_architects v_interiordesignersRelated-Industry FocusCreativa
"Grow Your Architecture & Interior Design Company Online"

Founded in 2015 by Akthem Naili
We improve the business of architects, designers and building professionals worldwide by providing digital marketing services, 3D and beautiful websites.Akthem Naili201510 - 19 employeesCanadaToronto
Architects & Interior Designers
c_creativeprofessionals v_architects v_interiordesignersRelated-Industry FocusStudio 678
"We Help Creative Professionals Build Effective Websites"

Founded in 2005 by Michael Waters
Oakland, CA
United States
We help creative professionals build effective websites that attract new business without the price tag of a big agency.

At Studio 678, we speak the lingua franca of the trades and love collaborating with architects, landscape architects, and interior designers who want to elevate their online profile — and stand apart from the crowd. We play well with graphic designers, web-hosting companies, IT support, printers, publications and technophobes too.
Michael Waters2005Self-employed (full-time)United States (US)Oakland, CA
Minimalist Design for Interior Designers , Architects , & Builders
c_creativeprofessionals c_realestate v_interiordesigners v_architectsHorizontal FocusJPW Design Studio
"Custom Websites for Interior Designers, Architects & Builders"

Founded in 2010 by Justin Page Wood
Irvine, CA
United States
Your website & marketing should beautifully display the design work you’ve done.

But most websites are too complicated. And interior designers, architects, and builders tell our design team daily that they’re unable to keep their website up-to-date with their best work and create something that truly represents their brand.

That’s why I created the ‘Ideal Client Website Strategy’ - exclusively created by working with interior designers, architects, and builders in the United States. It’s based on my 11 years of experience designing websites for over one thousand design firms, since 2010.
Justin Page Wood20105 - 9 employeesUnited States (US)Irvine, CA
Real Estate Developers & Architects c_realestate v_architectsRelated-Industry FocusAuthentic
"We Connect Brand, Design, and Technology to Real Estate Development"

Founded in 2013 by Chris Arnold, Bryant Hughes
Denver, CO
United States
Authentic is a full-service brand & digital marketing studio.

We work with real estate developers, architects, and real estate companies looking to embrace real estate's digital age.
Chris Arnold
Bryant Hughes
20135 - 9 employeesUnited States (US)Denver, CO

About Architects

Architect Website Design CompaniesArchitecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or other structures. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art.

Based on service type, the market is segmented into Construction & Project Management Services, Architectural Advisory Services, Interior Design Services, Urban Planning Services, Engineering Services and Others.

Based on end user, the market is segmented into Industrial, Government, Healthcare, Residential, Retail, Hospitality, Education and Others.

Market Outlook:

Trade Associations

Can you reach buyers in the industry?

- Look for industry-specific organizations to join and events to attend (online and offline.)

- Are there ready-made lists of decision makers?

No. of Companies

Targeting a viable market is your single most important decision.

- Is the market big enough?

- At what rate do new companies enter the industry? 

Architectural services
No. of Companies10 yrs3 yrs1 yr
25,078 (2020)+5%+7%+2%
Data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (numbers does not include unincorporated self-employed people), 2010–2020
* no data available

No. of Key People

Will you be able to promote yourself? Your outreach activities will run smoother if you can talk to people who already know your type of services.

- Are there people who already buy web design / web development services?

- Does the industry value your type of services? For example, it can be a good sign if they employ many web designers.

Data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics, 2020
* no data available

Architect Website Design Companies