This website is about do-it-yourself marketing for designers and other creative professionals.

Tomas Fransson

I’m Tomas Fransson, the writer, a Swede living in Buenos Aires with my much better half, an adorable stepdaughter, and our tail-chasing cat.

It’s me in the picture. Nice to meet you!

Who I Am

My first seven years I did marketing and sales. Among other things, I managed more than 100 national (Swedish) advertising campaigns. But before that, I promoted professional services.

The next seven years I was designing for trade shows.

Now, I’m an independent marketing consultant and affiliate marketer.

I'm all in on niches and niche marketing for designers and other creative professionals!

Use my free content to become a more successful DIY-marketer of creative services.

Who I'm Writing For

You have an entrepreneurial mindset.

You are a web designer, graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or copywriter.

You’re either a solo creative professional or are running a small creative firm.

What you do isn’t a hobby, or a pro bono thing.

You are in it for the long haul. You realize that you need to plant today to harvest tomorrow.

You’re a tough one. Even if sales and marketing work stings a little, you do it (or will do it) anyway.

Your creative business has had a good start.

You have a few clients.

Now, you want to level up, so you think about stuff like:

  • How to attract more clients?
  • How to get more exciting projects?
  • How to get better paid?
  • How to build a waiting list?

You want to grow your business.

Your goal is to hit the best-paid strata of in the creative community.

You also realize, at least on an intuitive level, that to reach your goals you must specialize.

To your success!