This site is a shortcut for designers looking for a new niche to "attack."

Our key resource is a directory of niches where you can browse niches already targeted by designers.

Directory of Niches

The information on each niche's page helps you answer the following key questions:

Is the Clients' Market Growing?

At what rate do new companies enter their market? Are there enough clients for you? Find out by our:

● Growth Statistics

● Pre-Made Google Searches for Industry Trends

What Type of Projects Can I Expect?

Do typical projects pay enough? Do the projects fit with your prior experience, current skills, and interests? Can you handle the typical project size? Find out by checking:

Top Deliverables

● Avg./Min. Project Budget

● Avg. Project Duration

Do Clients Think They Need My Type of Services?

Your time for marketing and sales is best spent speaking with people who already know they need your type of service.

Do Clients Value My Type of Services?

If an industry already buys your type of services, and they also highly value such services−it’s a good sign that you are looking at a viable market.

it can be a good sign if they employ many web designers.

● No. of Web Designers

What Type of Clients Can I Expect?

Xyz abc.

● Typical Type of Clients

● Typical Client Size

Can I Reach Buyers in the Niche?

Are there niche-specific organizations to join and events to attend? We link to the relevant ones.

● Trade Associations

Can I Find Lists of Buyers?

Sometimes there are ready-made lists of decision makers. We link to the relevant ones.

●  Member Directories