January 21, 2015

4 Twitter Marketing Ideas for Freelance Creatives

4 Twitter Marketing Ideas for Freelance Creatives

Any freelance creative could use some of these Twitter marketing ideas. The no. 1 and no. 2 tips are particularly useful for freelance illustrators, designers, photographers and any other creative who creates visuals!

1. Illustrate Someone Else's Tweet

David Michael Moore, a freelance illustrator, surprises his prospects with artwork tailored to their tweet. Mostly, he just has fun with it, but he keeps an eye out for people he would like to work with.

It's a very personal introduction — often including their likeness in the illustration itself — and it gets people's attention,”  David Michael Moore.

Twitter Marketing Ideas for Freelance Creatives - Illustrated Retweets. Click to see more of Michael's illustrated retweets!

2. Reply with an Image

Mark Crafter, a graphic designer, has created a set of images. He uses them for recurrent Twitter messages and one-to-one replies.

It makes sense to use this tactic for a creative person or studio, such as for a graphic designer. It sometimes results in a response, opening up a dialogue..,” Mark Crafter.

Twitter Marketing Ideas for Freelance Creatives - Reply with Your Own Images .

If possible, use your own images. It will simultaneously show off your work. You could use images for:

  • thanking a person who follows, retweets, or mentions you
  • congratulating people (on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc)
  • to go with #FF recommendations

3. Link Your Bio to a Twitter Welcome Page

Grace Smith is an Irish web designer. Click through from her Twitter bio… You will land on a page specifically welcoming visitors arriving from Twitter! It's a nice touch!

Twitter Marketing Ideas for Freelance Creatives. Grace Smith's Twitter Welcome Page.

On your welcoming page, promote content especially relevant for Twitter users, such as:

  • For a blog, you could link to your most popular articles about Twitter marketing.
  • For a freelance web or graphic designer, you could link to relevant design packages. For example, a “Social Media All-In-One Design Package,” see this example.

4. Use a Client Testimonial in Your Twitter Bio

Twitter Marketing Ideas for Freelance Creatives - Client Testimonial in Your Twitter BioKikki Högberg, a Swedish creative director, uses a client testimonial in her Twitter bio.

“With charisma, creativity and a flair for design Kikki sees opportunities that others do not see, she delivers results and inspires in her projects.”

I asked Kikki for her reason:

For a very simple reason. It's about my reputation. It does not matter what I say, what I am, or what I can do if it doesn't match the reputation that I truly have. Now I'm met by greater curiosity and interest than before.”

Kikki uses her testimonial both on Twitter and LinkedIn. It's smart! An exceptional client testimonial is the one of the most trust-building things you got – use it!

Want more? Read my interview with David Michael Moore, a.k.a. Retweet Artist! Here is another neat self-promotional hack for you, partly using Twitter: Self-Promotion for Illustrators: Making Contact the Dawn Schreiner Way

Do you have any smart Twitter marketing ideas for freelance creatives? Please share them in the comments!