399 Twitter Prospects for Design Referrals

Kick-start your Twitter network by connecting with these 399 business professionals.

The 399 are all manually screened by me. These prospects are all English-speaking, employed by or own established businesses and use Twitter actively. Many are freelancers like you.

All these professionals, e.g. the 100 business coaches, are listed because they are in a position of either funnel creative services like yours, or even create new needs for them. However, they don’t do graphic design, web design or illustration themselves – it's your job to support them with that (potentially)! This make the 399 very good business partners, referrers, resellers, and excellent sources of repeat business.

Follow these pros on Twitter! You can expect 10-20% to follow you back.

A huge inspiration for creating this bonus for you was the article Three Client Types that Are Guaranteed to Bring Tons of Business (read it!)

Happy prospecting!

Tomas Fransson

PS. I threw in 101 extra prospects to compensate for people that might have changed careers, left Twitter etc. They are actually 500.

The List: 399 Biz Pros Who Can Refer Tons of Design Business!

To Keep Your Twitter Account Safe, Follow No More than 50 Contacts per Day!
Following a lot of Twitter users might flag you as a spammer. However, as long as you don’t follow or unfollow hundreds of people in a single day you should be just fine. Keep it on the safe side and follow only 50 a day. Following more might result in a suspended Twitter account. You can read more here.

Business Coaches

Bill StackAustraliafollow
David GuestAustraliafollow
Hugh BowmanAustraliafollow
Marcus KroekAustraliafollow
Mark CarnAustraliafollow
Rueben TaylorAustraliafollow
Warrick BidwellAustraliafollow
Adam DufresneCanadafollow
Brad PrinceCanadafollow
Coach CherylCanadafollow
Dan HolsteinCanadafollow
David GreenCanadafollow
Eric DeschampsCanadafollow
Greg StonehockerCanadafollow
Ken ZelaznyCanadafollow
Laura-Lee WalkerCanadafollow
Mel RuttanCanadafollow
Nathalie BeauchampCanadafollow
Rob DaleCanadafollow
Stephan WiednerCanadafollow
Wallace MurrayCanadafollow
Jeannette NaughtonIrelandfollow
Alan VerrinderUKfollow
Andrew CussonsUKfollow
Angus LyonUKfollow
Asari St-HillUKfollow
Claire DerryUKfollow
Dave BettsUKfollow
David BaterUKfollow
Gareth ShackletonUKfollow
Gary MullinsUKfollow
Ian NicklinUKfollow
Jamie GoralUKfollow
Keith BaldwinUKfollow
Kevin StansfieldUKfollow
Lee DickinsonUKfollow
Mandy HildredUKfollow
Marco SoaresUKfollow
Mark JenningsUKfollow
Murtaza ManjiUKfollow
Nick RuddleUKfollow
Nigel ScottUKfollow
Pam FeatherstoneUKfollow
Paula CohenUKfollow
Rich WainwrightUKfollow
Rob CarterUKfollow
Roger PembertonUKfollow
Shirley MansfieldUKfollow
Simon BuckUKfollow
Steve GaskellUKfollow
Steve JonesUKfollow
Stuart JohnsonUKfollow
Tim BrownUKfollow
Tony HayesUKfollow
Andy O'BrienUSAfollow
Angie SegalUSAfollow
Anna GibbsUSAfollow
Aviva MohilnerUSAfollow
Bernie PowersUSAfollow
Bill GillilandUSAfollow
Carl ShoemakerUSAfollow
David GazaveUSAfollow
Dawn DohertyUSAfollow
Doug SavidgeUSAfollow
Earl KemperUSAfollow
Ellie MarshallUSAfollow
Gary StokesUSAfollow
Gene HammettUSAfollow
Gerry PetersUSAfollow
Greg ThompsonUSAfollow
Janna HoibergUSAfollow
Jim BargerUSAfollow
Joe SiecinskiUSAfollow
Johnnie BarrUSAfollow
Judy FreemanUSAfollow
Karie KaufmannUSAfollow
Ken SevickUSAfollow
Kevin AlftUSAfollow
Lisa WalkerUSAfollow
Marilyn AngelenaUSAfollow
Marty WarnerUSAfollow
Mary Ann HauserUSAfollow
Michael BreitmanUSAfollow
Michael DillUSAfollow
Michelle LandisUSAfollow
Monte WyattUSAfollow
Nate SmithUSAfollow
Nick UnsworthUSAfollow
Ormond RankinUSAfollow
PJ WeilandUSAfollow
Ricardo RequenaUSAfollow
Rich AllenUSAfollow
Rob GaribayUSAfollow
Ruth SchwartzUSAfollow
Sal LevatinoUSAfollow
Steve BorekUSAfollow
Steve GoransonUSAfollow
Trey FinleyUSAfollow
Wayne BergmanUSAfollow
William Eric LinzeyUSAfollow


Freelance Copywriters

Chris DusseldorpAustraliafollow
Kate ToonAustraliafollow
Monika MundellAustraliafollow
Sally BagshawAustraliafollow
Sara HowardAustraliafollow
Sarah MitchellAustraliafollow
Sharon GreenAustraliafollow
Alexander HulsCanadafollow
Barry HillCanadafollow
Carla YoungCanadafollow
Joanna WiebeCanadafollow
Joel KlettkeCanadafollow
Leanne SchmidtCanadafollow
Lexi RodrigoCanadafollow
Nick UsborneCanadafollow
Rachel FosterCanadafollow
Rachel KenworthyCanadafollow
Suzanne PopeCanadafollow
Rodger WerkhovenNetherlandsfollow
Tiffany MarkmanSouth Africafollow
Vanessa ClarkSouth Africafollow
Al HiddenUKfollow
Alasdair D MurrayUKfollow
Alastaire AlldayUKfollow
Alice WestUKfollow
Andy DavisUKfollow
Carolyn HughesUKfollow
Catherine MallordUKfollow
Celia AndersonUKfollow
Chris BirdUKfollow
David McGuireUKfollow
Dean TurneyUKfollow
Eva CaidenUKfollow
G.S. MeredithUKfollow
Gill BoolesUKfollow
Heidi StephensUKfollow
Jenni RetournéUKfollow
Jo JohnstonUKfollow
Joy JewellUKfollow
Julian AbelUKfollow
Julian HallUKfollow
Katie LangdonUKfollow
Katy LassetterUKfollow
Keri AllanUKfollow
Kim CurranUKfollow
Leif KendallUKfollow
Lynn EdeUKfollow
Mark BerryUKfollow
Mike FlemingUKfollow
Mike ReedUKfollow
Mike RobinsonUKfollow
Nick AsburyUKfollow
Nicola BalkindUKfollow
Nicola JoyceUKfollow
Paul FrenchUKfollow
Pru GaytonUKfollow
Rebecca FirthUKfollow
Richard HarrisonUKfollow
Richard YarrowUKfollow
Sally SymondsonUKfollow
Sarah TurnerUKfollow
Scott BrantUKfollow
Sussex BeckinghamUKfollow
Tim GowUKfollow
Tom AlbrightonUKfollow
Aaron WhitakerUSAfollow
Barry FeldmanUSAfollow
Belinda WeaverUSAfollow
Chloe NewsomUSAfollow
Chloe RothUSAfollow
Christopher JohnsonUSAfollow
Clara MathewsUSAfollow
Clarissa J. PayneUSAfollow
Debbie EfflerUSAfollow
Emily SuessUSAfollow
Heide BrandesUSAfollow
Jeffrey TrullUSAfollow
Joan DamicoUSAfollow
Kate SmithUSAfollow
Katie DaggettUSAfollow
Katie SweeneyUSAfollow
Kelly Woods LynchUSAfollow
Laura BelgrayUSAfollow
Laura SpencerUSAfollow
Lawton ChilesUSAfollow
Lisa KaneffUSAfollow
Lorraine ThompsonUSAfollow
Mahesh Raj MohanUSAfollow
Mary Rose MaguireUSAfollow
Matt L BrennanUSAfollow
Michael BouldinUSAfollow
Mike RussellUSAfollow
Nikki Elledge BrownUSAfollow
Sabrina GaffneyUSAfollow
Simon GoetzUSAfollow
Skip ClassUSAfollow
Stephen BrockelmanUSAfollow
Stephen DeanUSAfollow
Susanna K. HutchesonUSAfollow
Tom N. TumbuschUSAfollow


Agency Creative Directors

Adam MorrisAustraliafollow
Cam BlackleyAustraliafollow
Sebastien de ValckBelgiumfollow
Stef SelfslaghBelgiumfollow
Bill LarocqueCanadafollow
Christina GlihaCanadafollow
Danielle KristmansonCanadafollow
Doug JacksonCanadafollow
Justin SandersCanadafollow
Klaus UhligCanadafollow
Mathias NöselGermanyfollow
Jimmy WalshIrelandfollow
Edu PouNetherlandsfollow
Kevin DavisNetherlandsfollow
Majella van RaalteNetherlandsfollow
Barrie SeppingsSingaporefollow
Gustav MartnerSwedenfollow
Martin StadhammarSwedenfollow
Robert LindströmSwedenfollow
Alex AtkinsonUKfollow
Alex StevensUKfollow
Caitlin RyanUKfollow
Hollie NewtonUKfollow
Isaac PinnockUKfollow
James EverittUKfollow
Kevin TaplinUKfollow
Laura Jordan BambachUKfollow
Mark DearmanUKfollow
Mark Oliver HawkinsUKfollow
Neil HooperUKfollow
Paul BrazierUKfollow
Paul BrownUKfollow
Rob CheneryUKfollow
Sam FisherUKfollow
Scott JohnsonUKfollow
Alex FrischUSAfollow
Alma KleinUSAfollow
Amber Siscoe VasquezUSAfollow
Andrew MartinUSAfollow
Andy AzulaUSAfollow
Anne LacUSAfollow
Bernard UrbanUSAfollow
Billy MitchellUSAfollow
Brian HeadyUSAfollow
Brian KellerUSAfollow
Cass ZawadowskiUSAfollow
Chad MartinUSAfollow
Chris BradyUSAfollow
Christopher AndersonUSAfollow
Cindy ChastainUSAfollow
Corey D. SeatonUSAfollow
Corinna FalusiUSAfollow
Dan ViensUSAfollow
Darryl OhrtUSAfollow
Debbie ElliottUSAfollow
Duane KingUSAfollow
Ekisabeth ValleauUSAfollow
Erika ByeUSAfollow
Fabio CostaUSAfollow
Gary PilapilUSAfollow
Gaston LegorburuUSAfollow
How BowersUSAfollow
Ian CollinsUSAfollow
Ian CoyleUSAfollow
James BrunkUSAfollow
Javier RomeroUSAfollow
Jean BatthanyUSAfollow
Jeff SmackUSAfollow
Jen Evans LemerandUSAfollow
Jenny StorinoUSAfollow
Jose MollaUSAfollow
Kim BeylinUSAfollow
Luke PerkinsUSAfollow
Mark FitzloffUSAfollow
Matt DowneyUSAfollow
Matthew MikulskyUSAfollow
Micah TouchetUSAfollow
Michael AncevicUSAfollow
Michael TabtabaiUSAfollow
Neil HeymannUSAfollow
Paco AllenUSAfollow
Patrick O'NeillUSAfollow
Paxton GreeneUSAfollow
Peter CutlerUSAfollow
Philomena ReosUSAfollow
Rei InamotoUSAfollow
Robert NewmanUSAfollow
Robert PfeiferUSAfollow
Ryan Scott TandyUSAfollow
Scott WilsonUSAfollow
Shandi AlciniUSAfollow
Suzana ApelbaumUSAfollow
Thomas ClarkUSAfollow
Tim NolanUSAfollow
Tito MelegaUSAfollow
Tony RinaldisUSAfollow
Toria EmeryUSAfollow
Trina UzeeUSAfollow


Event Managers

Ine GerritsBelgiumfollow
Anne-Marie MarcilCanadafollow
Ashley MortonCanadafollow
Chantel BeaupreCanadafollow
Gina HumildeCanadafollow
Jenna MajkotCanadafollow
Jo PestaCanadafollow
Julie MacRaeCanadafollow
Julie TedescoCanadafollow
Sarah LimaCanadafollow
Tanja NandorCanadafollow
Victoria LegomskiCanadafollow
Sophie FlemingChinafollow
Camille JulienneFrancefollow
Marie-Odile GueninFrancefollow
Claudia BrücknerGermanyfollow
Keith QuinlanIrelandfollow
Nora PetersIrelandfollow
Sophie CafollaIrelandfollow
Tara MoranIrelandfollow
Leonie de JongNetherlandsfollow
Nadra Mohy el DineNetherlandsfollow
Naomi ZeilemakerNetherlandsfollow
Natasja GrobNetherlandsfollow
Suzanne van KaamNetherlandsfollow
Kayla SmithSouth Africafollow
Adam EttingUKfollow
Alex BurrowUKfollow
Alex PearnUKfollow
Alexa TurnessUKfollow
Amy GustinUKfollow
Balinder KaurUKfollow
Benjamin HendersonUKfollow
Bob PeacockUKfollow
Casey DonneUKfollow
Catherine GrestyUKfollow
Clare SavoryUKfollow
Daniel ManleyUKfollow
Daria SmithUKfollow
Dave BywaterUKfollow
Elena AttanasioUKfollow
Emma FoyUKfollow
Emma RobertsUKfollow
Fay BrazendaleUKfollow
Gareth AstonUKfollow
Gary FletcherUKfollow
Gemma Dunphy-LayUKfollow
Gemma MachinUKfollow
Gill HemmingUKfollow
Grace TregurthaUKfollow
Heather VictoriaUKfollow
Helen RennersUKfollow
Jane RobertsonUKfollow
Jason HillUKfollow
Jennifer DavidsonUKfollow
Jenny PhippsUKfollow
Jenny TaylorUKfollow
Johanna SummersUKfollow
Katie RootUKfollow
Kirsty WalkerUKfollow
Lauren BridgenUKfollow
Lisa PerrinUKfollow
Lou ShepherdUKfollow
Michelle BullenUKfollow
Millie BrownUKfollow
Nadine WrayUKfollow
Natalie DowneUKfollow
Nicky WakeUKfollow
Nikki Langley-EssenUKfollow
Pere RamíresUKfollow
Rick StaintonUKfollow
Rob HaworthUKfollow
Rory SloanUKfollow
Rowan JamiesonUKfollow
Saba Hudson-KozdojUKfollow
Sarah KayUKfollow
Stefanie CastellanosUKfollow
Tamara WardUKfollow
Vicky WhiteUKfollow
Andrew L. SandlerUSAfollow
Arlinda VillescasUSAfollow
Brad HansonUSAfollow
Brittany EarnestUSAfollow
Carol MalinkyUSAfollow
Caryl LyonsUSAfollow
Elaine PopeUSAfollow
Gail HernandezUSAfollow
Jennifer WinsteadUSAfollow
Joey ZazaUSAfollow
Kerri MakarichUSAfollow
Megan YapsUSAfollow
Melissa P. MichelUSAfollow
Morgan NettlesUSAfollow
Rhonda CouchigianUSAfollow
Sally BixbyUSAfollow
Shannon NelliganUSAfollow
Shawn BechtolUSAfollow
Steve H MartinezUSAfollow
Wendy HollidayUSAfollow


Freelance Marketing Consultants

Logan NathanAustraliafollow
Brandon KriegerCanadafollow
Cidnee StephenCanadafollow
Fiona FriesenCanadafollow
Jason BillowsCanadafollow
Kurian M. TharakanCanadafollow
Liza J LeeCanadafollow
Michelle BucherCanadafollow
Nicole CroizierCanadafollow
Georgina BolgerIrelandfollow
Matthew KimberleyMaltafollow
Alan FinnUKfollow
Alex WoodwardUKfollow
Alexandra EatonUKfollow
Alice Judge-TalbotUKfollow
Annmarie HanlonUKfollow
Arya IngvorsenUKfollow
Bruce BellUKfollow
Cara BendonUKfollow
Claire BoylesUKfollow
Claire TaylorUKfollow
Claire ThatcherUKfollow
Deborah RoweUKfollow
Diana KingUKfollow
Edward RelfUKfollow
Fran SwaineUKfollow
Guy WestonUKfollow
Helen Toomey HeskUKfollow
Henrietta RackhamUKfollow
Jane GalbraithUKfollow
Jane HeatonUKfollow
Jean AtkinsonUKfollow
Jeremy BassettUKfollow
Joanna PlaneUKfollow
Jonny RosemontUKfollow
Karen NichollsUKfollow
Linda RumboldUKfollow
Lisa CoatesUKfollow
Liselle BarnsleyUKfollow
Luan WiseUKfollow
Mark BlackburnUKfollow
Mark CamilleriUKfollow
Martin WilliamsUKfollow
Mel RandhawaUKfollow
Michelle DanielsUKfollow
Mike WhiteUKfollow
Nicolle HalksworthUKfollow
Paul HitchensUKfollow
Paul JacksonUKfollow
Rachelle AtkinUKfollow
Sam McArthurUKfollow
Sarah OrchardUKfollow
Sarah WalkerUKfollow
Scott DylanUKfollow
Sheryl TiptonUKfollow
Sophie MorrisUKfollow
Valerie LindsayUKfollow
Adrianne MachinaUSAfollow
Allen CrawleyUSAfollow
Alzay CalhounUSAfollow
Amanda R ChanUSAfollow
Ana MelikianUSAfollow
Brad TornbergUSAfollow
Brett RelanderUSAfollow
Cindy EarlUSAfollow
Danelle BrownUSAfollow
Dawn WesterbergUSAfollow
Debbie DeChambeauUSAfollow
Donna GunterUSAfollow
Donovan HardenbrookUSAfollow
Gretchen KihmStegallUSAfollow
Holly ChantalUSAfollow
Jean HansonUSAfollow
Jeff StecUSAfollow
Jeff TincherUSAfollow
Jenni HiltonUSAfollow
JoAnne FunchUSAfollow
Joseph CostantinoUSAfollow
Joshua CurrierUSAfollow
Karmen ReedUSAfollow
Kelly WepplerUSAfollow
Kevin JordanUSAfollow
Lisa MalcomUSAfollow
Lonny StrumUSAfollow
Lou BortoneUSAfollow
Mark VogelUSAfollow
Michael BrandvoldUSAfollow
Mike AlltonUSAfollow
Phil LauterjungUSAfollow
Randy VaughnUSAfollow
Sarah J. JohnsonUSAfollow
Shane BarkerUSAfollow
Shawn GrahamUSAfollow
Stephanie HellineUSAfollow
Stephen GardnerUSAfollow
Stephen MonacoUSAfollow
Stuart AtkinsUSAfollow
Sue PainterUSAfollow
Tim ConleyUSAfollow
Tom PickUSAfollow